A/N: The result of too much studying of haematology.

Average life spun of a blood cell is 120 days. They carry oxygen to the tissues where it is used among with other substances (carbon, water among many) to perform their duties and create what we know as life.

The "double helix" refers to the DNA. Some of its parts, the amino acids, can be traced back to beginning of life on earth.

Last line belongs to Shakespeare.


Do not weep for my passing.

Though short my life was, it was lived to the fullest. In each and every day, I danced through the narrow corridors of life, carrying a breath of fresh air to the far frontiers, to those who labor over clay and air and water and turn them to songs and tales of wonder.

I swirled and I swam among my brethren, veterans of a thousand wars against invaders and misguided siblings. I listened to the song of the double helix echoing through the inner caves and pathways, reciting tales of great serpents and water dwellers and distant suns.

But the relentless friction inside the living pathways took its toll on my curled body. I felt the tearing at the seams, my skin ready to give in to the pressure of the pulsating stream. It won't be long, now. I will break up to the sum of my parts and no one will remember my passing.

But they will remember the quill that moved on a parchment, held by warm fingers. And although the laborers that fuelled the hand and the mind have long perished, the words will shine on.

We are such stuff, as dreams are made on….