"Got to wash my hands," she thought to herself as she stepped closer to the stainless steel sink and turned the hot water on as far as it would go. Dipping her hands beneath the cool water, she waited a moment. She felt the water get just a fraction of a degree hotter and moved her hands to the small squirt bottle with clear gelatinous liquid. Cupping her right palm beneath it, she used her thumb to roughly push down three times. The gel soap trickled off the edge of her hand as she brought them both together, gently cupping the soap in between.
Pressing them together, she rubbed her right hand up and over the left, and did the same with her left hand against her right until they were slimy with the soap and a few white bubbles of foam had formed in the lines of friction between her hands. She rubbed until they were both white, smearing the foam around. Vertical lines of foam, horizontal, all white on a palm, all white on the back of the hand.
She moved her hands beneath the lukewarm water for just a minute, and let some of the soap be lifted and carried away. Bringing her hands back, away from the water she rubbed until they were white again, only with the soft white bubbles of the foam, and not the slime from the soap. The water got steadily warmer and she drenched both hands with water, wiping the waves of foam into the sink where they swirled for a moment, were torn apart by oncoming forces of water and sucked down into the gurgling drain.
All the oils were wiped from her palms and fingers and her hands felt like sandpaper and glue as they rubbed together. She loved the feeling; her hands were dry when they were really soaking wet and dripping. She expertly flicked drops of water from her fingers and twisted the tap shut. She turned to search for a nearby towel to dry her hands off on.
Grabbing a small red dish towel from the counter she pressed it against her left wrist, dragging it up against the back of the hand, and the palm and between her fingers. She did the same with her right hand. Tossing the towel back to the counter she walked out of the kitchen and put the back of her hand up to her nose to smell the fragrance of the soap. It smelled wonderful. She turned a corner and buried her finger into her nose, digging around.