-A few days later-

It wasn't an exaggeration that surfing was the national pastime of Hawaii. Leslie had only been there two years and already did it (the winter in Hawaii lasted around a week, so it was almost never too cold to go swimming) often. She got out of the water and realized that she had forgotten her towel, so Leslie shook herself out in order to dry and accidentally got water all over Lil-lay, who had oddly enough refused to go to the water and instead of happily building a sand castle for her stuffed tiger to live in. Lil-lay hissed angrily like a cat taking a bath, and growled, "Watch out!"

"Sorry," said Leslie back, still suspicious and wary of Lil-lay after the conversation on Saturday. "What's up with you, anyway?" she asked.

"Nothing," said Lil-lay, but in a slightly higher pitch then usual.

"Don't lie to me," said Leslie angrily, "I know something's up. I heard you talking to Kira on Saturday. I've been watching you." In an odd burst of immaturity, Leslie took the stuffed tiger and said, "Tell me, because I've got your tiger."

"Give him back!" whined Lil-lay.

"No," said Leslie, though she quickly got over her burst of paranoia and was already feeling like giving the tiger back.

"Give him back, or else," hissed Lil-lay in an odd, creepy voice. Was Leslie hallucinating, or did her eyes turn red? And Lil-lay was flexing her fingers up and down, up and down. Leslie dropped the tiger in shock and started backing away.

"Kitty!" said Lil-lay happily, all signs of anger gone. "Did she hurt you, baby?" Lil-lay cuddled and cooed to her precious tiger as Leslie back away slowly, her eyes wide in fear. As soon as it was obvious Lil-lay was preoccupied with her tiger, Leslie started running away. She made a mental note to herself not to antagonize-or make any sort of contact with, for that matter-Lil-lay again.