machine, smeared with the grease of nations
your hissing steaming heart beating somewhere
under the clanking of the subway trains,
give me your soul to wrap round my soft heart.

subway steam to seep and wind round my face
and follow behind my steps of invention,.
twinkling lights of skyscrapers and billboards
pearling round my neck and through my hair
dark with the ages, lit for a moment in any
remote and desolate part of this cold steel world.
lay waste your powers to build my next palace
greater than ever before, to shine in its abject
romanticism until it crashes down before the
next great age of mankind's glorious future.

lover, strong cement blocks and iron beams
your crown of girders surmounting the heavens
the mind above your soft limbs of earth,
cast thy body up to be my eternal kingdom.

stud my breast with obsolete technologies,
gown me in your brittle barbed constructions,
slippers of efficient transportation beautiful
in their noisy movement to match my racing heart.
love me in my serene beauty, always above you
unreachable in every moment of the now
but for the infinitesimal time it takes to cast you down,
for I am Progress, the ever loving bride of Innovation.