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Junlana hurried down the stairs. It was almost dinnertime and he couldn't be late, not tonight. Junlana decided to take a shortcut through the kitchens. As he dashed by, Junlana saw Jacques putting food on a trolley. He waved to the cook and ran into the dining room. As soon as he stepped into the room, several people ushered Junlana into a seat. Several of the cooks came out with trays upon trays of food. It was all placed on the long table and the cooks went back to the kitchen. About 10 children his age came in and sat down at his table. Some kids were talking about what was happening. From what Junala heard, noone knew much about what was going on, except that their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents had to go through the same thing. Then the door opened. In came 4 short, flying women.

'What are those?' Junlana thought to himself.

He was pretty sure the other kids were thinking the same thing. Then the eldest person in the room spoke. "You, as all the people before you who have sat at that table - even me, as hard that is to believe - will have trouble believing what is about to be said. The creatures that just entered the room are faries. The one closest to the door is the farie of fire, Pantaro. Next is the faire of water, Contaro. Then there is the farie of earth, Entaro. Last there is the farie of wind, Gantaro. They are the sisters of the elements. Together they protect our kingdom from harm. Each farie protects specialized things, no one farie can replace another. Have you never wondered where our heat, water, air, and rich soil come from? Has the thought never once crossed your mind why armies don't invade our lands, why the crops do not wilt, or why the skies are always cloudless? The answer to all those questions lie in these four beings. Without these four sisters, our kingdom might not be here. You must understand that you cannot tell those who are not of the right age about the faries. If they know before they are mature enough, they might abuse the elements. Pantaro, Contaro, Entaro, and Gantaro live together in the house in the exact middle of the town. On the outside, it looks just like any other house, aged brick walls supporting a slanted roof with tile shingles. But on the inside, it's different, much different. If any mortal goes in, something terrible could happen. The elements will go haywire. The mortal that goes in could get seriously injured or maybe even die. It is because of this that we even tell people about the sisters. I know some of you may be wondering why you haven't seen faries before. The answer to that is simple. You have, you just didn't know it. Now, if you have any questions, you'll just have to figure out the answers for yourselves. Have a good day." With that, the elder turned on his heel and left the dining room.

Junlana was never much for eating with other people, so he got up to leave. As he was walking towards the door, the boy heard some kids talking.

"That was so fake."

"Yeah. Is this someone's idea of a joke?"

"What do you think?"


"You're the smart kid, Coocoo."

"My name's Kancoon."


Right as he was about to open the door, Junlana felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Would you mind waiting a little bit so my sisters and I can talk to you?"

Junlana turned around and saw the Entora.

"Umm sure. Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you didn't. We just want to talk to you." She said with a laugh. "Now, come with me."

Junlana followed the earth farie and stopped when they reached her sisters.

"So, said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes. We did."


"Well, when we came into the room, we sensed should a I put..a magical aura about you."


"Do you know who your parents are?"

" dad's an artist, but my mom died the day after I was born."

"Okay. Here's what we need you to do."