Well, I figure my characters have the right to have their names pronounced correctly so I decided to write up a pronunciation list of all the proper nouns from A Jolt from Reality.

Character Pronunciation (in order of appearance -for the most part anyways):

Junlana: Jun (rhymes with Hun)-La-Nah

Jacques: Zha (like Sha, but with a 'z' sound)-cks

Pantaro: Pa-n-tar-oh

Contaro: Cah-n-tar-oh

Entaro: In-tar-oh

Gantaro: Gah-n-tar-o

Kancoon: Ca-n-coon

Yansagi (Junlana's last name): Yawn-sah-gee

Findora: Fin-door-ah

Tonton: Tahn-tahn

Simone: Sim-oh-knee

Wietsseo: Wheat-see-oh

Aliweurg: Ally-wee-ur-g


(Mount) Dagenwai: Dag (like dagger)-in-why

Lawigh: Law-weigh