"So," Narvy mumbled through a mouthful of cookies, "You were just all of a sudden in Egypt, while we were in the same place, but we saw something that wasn't really happening. What about mirages. Maybe we were all delirious without knowing. There could be a flu going around."
"No Narvy. I mean, that would be the perfect solution, if it weren't for Annabla's hands." Odessa pointed.
"And the fact that the two of us saw the same thing." Annabla put in.
"Well that's not true. It's not unusual, well scratch that is is unusual, but it's not impossible to have the same dream, or maybe the same mirage. All kinds of people in the desert probably see big pools or something. And Annabla's hands could've been frostbite." She was being very firm in not believing that there was "an outside force" doing this, as Odessa's voice had said.
"Yeah. I guess maybe it could be frostbite. But they were all scratched up, and even Mr. Bogdan recognized it as burns." She said pleadingly.
"Yeah well Odessa has said that guy's an idiot, haven't you." Narvy drove the conversation back up Odessa's alley.
"He is. You know, maybe it was frostbite. We were under a tree, and you were sitting on your hands, if you factor it all in, they got numb from the snow, and you didn't notice them scraping the tree roots, and then, frostbite set in. You have sensitive skin, that's a good explanation." She threw her hacky sack into the air, as she followed it's progress she saw the window too. It was dark again.
"Looks like it's gonna rain." She muttered.

A few hours later after lunch and watching a basketball game, they were sitting up in the bleachers whenever Kratos walked over to them. He looked very afraid, but very anxious to talk to them. Odessa smiled at him and his eyes grew wide, Narvy and Annabla looked interestedly at him as he approached.
"Um, Hi Odessa. I was wondering, erm, can I sit here. In my last seat I couldn't see, and..." His voice trailed off and he looked as if he was hoping beyond hope. But Odessa really wanted him to stay for some reason.
"Sure Kratos, you can sit with us. You didn't need to ask, we don't own the seats." Odessa grinned and turned back to the game. He sat down and stared at her. Narvy, glancing up after a foul shot, glared at him. He didn't notice. Then he said to Odessa,
"I need to tell you something." He buried his face in his hands as she looked questionedly at him. He parted his hands at his mouth so she could hear, and said,
"I know what happened to you and your friends under the tree. I know who did it." He looked up, his face tear streaked and his eyes red. Then, suddenly, he jumped up and ran away, his hands over his head, as if afraid something was going to jump upon his back. He moaned, but it was covered up as a huge cheer went up on his side of the stadium. Three people didn't join the wave though. Odessa, Narvy, and Annabla were all staring off in the direction of Kratos. Outside, it began to thunder.
"I thought we were the only ones who could see the tree catch fire?" Annabla said to no one in particular. "It figures. Fire follows me everywhere I go. That's why I was sent here." Narvy and Odessa directed their attention at her. "Yeah. Listen I'll explain it all to you somewhere more private." They sat and watched the game until halftime, then left to go find a place to talk. They couldn't go back to the dorm, no doubt Maryanne was in there listening to music. They settled for the gym bathroom. No one used it unless they absolutely had to, it stank of sweat and throwup. And it wasn't anywhere near the locker rooms, which made this very unusual. Plugging their noses, they went in and locked the door. Now they didn't have to resort to standing around in a tiny stall.
"Like I said, fire follows me everywhere!" Annabla said, slightly distortedly because her nose was plugged. "I remember the first time I saw a candle. On my fourth birthday, whenever my parents finally trusted to put candles on my cake. I was really excited, and when I leaned forward to blow them out, my hair caught fire. I was screaming and was frightened, and the fire just got worse! My parents dumped a bucket of water on me and my mom started crying and hugging me making sure I was alright. I was okay, but I never wanted another birthday candle. So they stopped putting them on my cakes. But when I was about seven, I was invited to a Fourth of July celebration, for one of my mom's friends who lived in America. I'd never seen fireworks and I was oh so happy because they sounded wonderful. I got there, they set off a firework, and a spark flew down and hit the grass right in front of me. My attention redirected, and as soon as I looked at it, a huge fire spread! Everything was burning. But this time, the fire didn't touch me. No matter how close it came, it never got to the blanket I was sitting on. Those aren't the only run ins with fire I've had, but I remember them most. It follows me everywhere." She repeated. Narvy and Odessa frowned, but they couldn't think of anything to say. So they unlocked the door and trudged off.

The next few weeks passed uneventfully. Narvy, Odessa, and Annabla were sitting in math one day when a note made it's way to their row. It was passed to Odessa, and she tried to pass it on quickly, but stopped when she saw what it said on the front: Rave in dorm 3, Halloween night, everyone invited, pass it on. She did her best at containing her excitement. The eighth graders always threw a rave on Halloween. She'd heard a few of them talking about it. Apparantly they were at a fork in the road. They could chance having it in the gym, since younger grades would be invited this year, or they could just aim for the dorm with the easiest master. They chose the latter. And, Odessa realized as she passed it back to Narvy, they'd decided Proffessor Kellman was easiest.
During the lunch hour, people came in and out as they pleased but all Odessa heard about was the rave. She wondered why in the world they were being so loud about it. Then again, even the fifth graders had been invited, and they were stupid. A few minutes after Odessa and her friends had found seats and began their macaroni, a huge eighth grader walked in. Of course no one noticed he had walked in, until he started walking up and down the rows of seats, thumping people on the heads, hard. Odessa didn't know why, until Bobby Lee Bagoodi, who was chattering about the rave, got thumped. Apparantly, this eighth grader understood Odessa's views. He pushed passed several people in the lunch line then came out again with a huge plate full of macaroni and two glasses of tea. Odessa noted that he was obviously a jock. His tall form was flawless and his hair was all shaved off. He sat down with some other boys who were apparantly from Africa. They put their heads together and after a few minutes Odessa lost interest.
"So, about dates," Narvy was saying. "Do you reckon we ought to go with or without? Odessa?" Odessa had not been listening. she tapped back in though when Narvy clubbed her with a spoon. "What? Oh, dates. Yeah, you don't bring dates to a rave!" She was spouting off for the sake of being in the conversation.
"How do you know?" Annabla asked curiously. Then it dawned on her. "Oh, you mean where you met Wilbur?"
"Yeah," Said Odessa, "But not just that, I've been to loads. Simply loads." She was lieing, but it was a small lie that impressed her friends. No harm in it.
Not true. Said the voice in her head.
"Well yeah, I know, but it doesn't really matter, does it?" She thought.
You know very well that it matters. Just wait, I'll think of a reason. An example.