A/N: This poem was an assignment for school. We had to find a painting and use its title as the title of our piece. We had to write about this artwork from three different perspectives-from that of the creator (the person who crafted the original); from that of someone who notices the artwork, but is disinterested in it and from that of someone that the art depicts.

The Standard Bearer

The haunter of my nights came to life.

forever on my weakened mind...

She who educes my overbearing strife.

Yet they only observe her enticing, elegant grace.

deceit flows through her flawless figure...

And fail to look behind that trapping innocent face.

To her I gave my world, and she so quick to take.

her grasp controlled my every breath...

This deed I handed over provoked my poor heart's break.

At my conscience, she rips and she tears.

Utter corruption her evil being bears...

The painting I now stand before

ignites no spark in my mind's core.

What mystery resides in her impenetrable name?

They come to her and confess despairing shame?

I bestow this image no grief or cares.

I have no interest in what it is she bears...

Her beauty is a knavish guise.

she masks all sorrow...

I note past these dark pure lies.

She harbors a broken soul.

so impossible to mend...

There in lies a heavy hole.

The features of her porcelain skin.

the hurtful meaning of alone...

Shroud the emptiness within.

Pain strikes through her solitary heart.

misery beyond measure...

Now that her life is crumbling apart.

The rigid roses that she wears.

the enigma of forgotten love..

Remind her of the thorns she bears.

From this agony nor can I flee.

Because this lonesome girl is me.