Drop the fa├žade; drop the wall,
Drop the lies and lose it all,
I'll try not to be a fool today,
But then all I know will fade away,
Losing itself into the night,
Dampening into the glowing light,
But then I'll trip, and hit the ground,
Telling me there's more to be found,
But how long can I lie to myself?
I believe in hurts and nothing else,
It's hard to keep my faith alive,
Inside this room where I survive,
My heart's a stone that cannot bleed,
Will I be forgiven for what I heed?
I'm sorry I can't be who I seem,
But while I live I can still dream.

Swiftly line the skies with clouds,
Whisper to me the truths aloud,
But I can't stop believing that it is wrong,
To be a slave who is pulled along,
It's not me you see here now,
I'll just say I'll make it somehow,
But who is it in that mirror there?
A frightened face wrought in despair,
But behind the fear hope still shines,
As the lines of good and bad entwine,
Believe me, I will never stop to cry,
I will never let the spirit die,
It's all I have, more than before,
As the evening falls I dream once more,
Glancing around for a sign to see,
That I can still believe in you and me.

Shadows dance in the depths of my soul,
Adding to my darkness deep and cold,
I feel like an outcast of the world,
At every pace a stone is hurled,
Opening a wound so fresh and deep,
Waking a nightmare when I'm asleep,
I don't know if things will change,
Or if life will seem so bleak and strange,
Still, if you're here I'll try to stay,
And hope once more for a better day,
A day when everything would be alright,
When shadows disappear into the night,
I'll be holding on still, by a thread,
And I feel I should not be afraid,
Because I have you here, beside me,
And the dream I have is all I see.

I agree,
That sometimes it seems,
Like I've been wrong,
But maybe,
There's another dream,
I've known all along,
Rather than
To ask myself why,
I am still unseen,
I'll understand,
One day I'll try,
To live the dream within.