"Allude Me"

I see emeralds that gallop for ages and aquatics that take heed to no man.

For it has come again when I soar into my own romantic fabricated land.

We'll laugh and play and drown into each other's hold as if the star
systems will alight.

Our love will flourish and our hearts will take the challenge of taintless

You're skim you're delicate finger lazily crosswise these spicy cheeks.

Catching the joyous tears from my face for it surprisingly leaks.

He smiles and I am left feeble as his words surpass mouth and lips.

A heart skips a beat as he brushes against mild trembling fingertips.

A world crumbles as brusque reality sets itself upon the rapture of a false
enamour domain.

Raven shores wake the stead of this dreamer for her fantastical fable has
been slain.

Celtic moon