"Call now to get a chance to go to T.V. Land for FREE!" Pennie the Wooh picked up her phone and dialed the number that was flashing on the television screen.

"Congratulations! You won the FREE trip to T.V. Land!"

"I did? Oh my gosh! I think my stuffing's going to fall out from all this excitement," Wooh yelled into the receiver. " Now all you have to do is give us your address, and we'll send you a limo to pick you up."

Pennie gave the operator her address and packed her stuff. Two hours later, a limo pulled up to Wooh's house. She hopped in and was on her way to T .V. Land. When they got to T.V. Land, Barney went crazy. The not-so- friendly dinosaur went on a killing rampage that forced T.V. Land to go out of business.

In the next two years, Wooh made T.V. Land into a casino. Six months later, Pennie became a drug addict. Soon a drug dealer, with Pigger supplying the drugs to him. After a year of illegal drug dealing, the police finally tracked down Wooh and arrested him.

After Wooh was in jail for a while, he devised the perfect plan to escape. Pennie carefully pulled out one of her seams, and pushed her stuffing through the bars blocking her window. Then, Wooh silently slipped out, restuffed, and sewed herself up again.

While Pennie the Wooh was on the run, she learned to transform into different things. Therefore, getting on the America's Most Wanted list. Wooh opened another casino and started selling drugs again.

One day one of Wooh's friends gave Pennie a box. Pennie opened the box and pressed a little button. The box transformed into a bazooka. Wooh pressed another button and the bazooka turned into a machine gun.

"Kewl," she said as she left.

On the night after Wooh got the box, she raided all the jewelry stores before the night was even over, shooting when she saw fit.

One day, Pennie kidnapped Warney, Waby Wob, and W.J. He held them hostage, and then when they became unbearable, he took them to a cliff. Wooh pushed W.J. off. Then, making sure W.J. was still alive, she forced Warney and Waby Wop to jump down. When they were all down at the bottom, Wooh shot their legs to prevent them from escaping.

When Wooh got tired of living, he killed Pigger. Then committed suicide by choking himself with a tongue depressor.