"I don't miss him."
"Yeah. You REALLY convince me of that, Kate."

"I swear. I don't."
Penny rolled her eyes, took a bite of her turkey sandwich, kicked off her flip-flops, and pulled her hair out of it's ponytail. Multitasking. Of course, if I was blonde and thin, I could probably multitask, too. But, since I'm not, I have to stick with being melodramatic, and doing one thing at a time. I could also get away with wearing flip-flops in the winter.

It was practically hailing outside, which is saying a lot for California. Especially this area of it. When we breathed, basically what happened was that dry ice came out of our mouths. Still, Penny had insisted on sitting on my porch, wearing shorts, a bikini top, and flip-flops. Don't ask. I, personally, had picked a tight blue sweater and pants.

"Priss," Penny had mumbled. I'd shrugged, and headed outside with her. It was ridiculous. She wasn't even shaking.

"Listen, Penny. I don't miss him! Honestly-do you see me calling him and begging for him to take me back? I don't think so, babe!" I sounded a lot more confident than I felt. Like I would ever not miss him. He was Blake. Never would I ever get over him, stop thinking about him, or anything of the sort. It was just out of the question. He'd been in my thoughts since the day I first met him-why stop now? Truth is, though, I couldn't stop, even if I wanted to. He's like a fucking drug. So, so bad for me, yet I can't get enough of him. I love him, I'm obsessed with him. My entire world revolves around Blake. I fucking live on east coast time! Always three hours later. He used to call me at six in the morning sometimes. This didn't exactly thrill my parents, but I always loved to hear from him. In fact, I rarely didn't hear from him. I could count the number of days we didn't talk on one hand. The amount of time since I told him to fuck off far exceeded those days. I think it was July when I did. Long distance never works out, was the excuse I usually gave. With my only friend, Penny, it was that he'd called me a bitch or something. We broke up on and off a lot, so I guess she expected it. Luckily, I didn't have to say much, but she accused me of still loving him. How could she not? I did, I just did. He was an asshole. I could admit it, but still. You can't help who you love.

I'd been his long distance secret, while he was on and off with a series of sluts, one now who he was obsessed with. Really, you would think no one else existed. Now that we talked again, (as friends-whatever) I had to hear about her every fucking second. Malia; Spanish, I think, and apparently perfect. It made me want to vomit when he said that. Still, he said he loved me, too. I twisted the diamond ring he'd given me a couple of years ago around my pinky, thinking.

"Well, then-how's the Virgin Mary, or whatever the hell her name is?" Penny asked. I shrugged.

"It's Malia, and she's ok I guess." What sucked was that she was such a sweet girl. She should have been a bitch. Oh, well, Blake always said I was special, they'd break up soon, and he'd come running back, as usual. I didn't mention this to Penny. I figured she would take it as though I still loved him, even though I did, she could not know that. Just at that moment, my cell rang. Thank fucking God, it was Blake's number. He hadn't called in awhile.

"Hey babe, how goes it with you?" I asked flirtatiously. Something was wrong. I could hear his heavy breathing over the phone. Was he crying?

"Kate-" he began, and then I heard sobbing, the kind of sobbing that made me feel like my heart had fallen apart.

"Baby-what's wrong?" I whispered.

'I love you, Kate," Blake murmured. It sent chills through my body.

"I love you, too, Blake-please tell me what's wrong." Penny shook her head.

"It's-Malia." He was still crying. Oh, God, it was probably something horrible.

"She's pregnant," Blake said softly, "And it's mine."