Rhyanne has always known she was a sleuth. She loved solving problems and her favourite strand of math had always been the logic problems. Actually, speaking of math, it was during that class that it happened...

"What the...NOO! It can't be! Ohh, the CRUELTY! The...the...HORROR! NOOOO!" Sam jumped up out of his seat and scrambled back away from his desk with a look of pure terror. Some of his classmates sniggered thinking it was just another of 'Scared-Sam's overreactions' Boy, were that wrong!
Mrs. Browntin stepped back from the board, "What on earth is going on Scare-err...Samuel?!
"My...my...-here he choked back tears- My work!" At this, instantly, most people were tripping over each other in order to reach Sam's work.
Suddenly, Amanda screamed from somewhere in the middle of the crowd by Sam's desk. It was chaos! Some got such a shock they had jumped and were now hanging from chandeliers on the ceiling. others were sprawled on the floor mumbling nonsense to themselves, while others still were grinning and frantically looking for the cause of Amanda's screaming.
Mrs. Browntin ran over to Amanda, who was undoubtedly THE most favoured student in history because of her pathetic suck-up voice and attitude. "Oh my dear Amanda! Whatever is wrong with my undoubtedly way too favoured student?!"
"My new pants! A stain! LOOK!" Amanda screamed frantically and pointed at a spot near the bottom of her beige pants.
"Uhh...Where...?" Mrs. Browntin asked in a small frail voice.
"Are you BLIND?!" She squealed in reply, "Right THERE! It's big and green and brown!"
Mrs. Browntin screwed up her face into what she hoped was a pitying look, "It's just a small grass stain dear...nothing to panic about."
Amanda was now clenching her fists so tight her knuckles were white. With a locked jaw and flaring nostrils she spat her reply through gritted teeth, "JUST a grass STAIN?! Are you people MAD?!"
A girl named Craigannett flicked her hair back and rolled her eyes, "Yes! It's like just like a little like stain thing! Like totally umm... spaz like down! It's obviously only like a small like spot, duh! Like, ya know?"
"ARRGGH!" Amanda screeched before turning heel and stamping angrily out of the room, shoving Rhyanne roughly out of her way sending Rhyanne flying over Craigannett's desk, scaring Craigannett so that she jumped and joined the rest of the students hanging from the ceiling off chandeliers. Mrs. Browntin bounded after Amanda immediately calling "Amanda! Dear! It's ok! We'll go and wash it out! AAMMAANNDDAA!"
Sam sat up and glared after Mrs. Browntin, "What about me?! Grr..." People started backing away from Sam sensing a temper tantrum coming on.
"When did we get chandeliers a guy named Frankensteenell wondered aloud while hanging from one himself.
"Hey! Woah! Chandeliers!" Others exclaimed while staring disbelievingly at the ceiling.
"Just get us down!" Jo-Anne squeaked from her hanging position beside Craigannett.
"Yeah, like, now? Like, ya know?!"
Meanwhile, Rhyanne was rolling up her sleeves and attempting to go after Amanda but was being held back by Tommy and Rauline.
"GET OFF TOM! YOU TOO PAULINE!" Snarled Rhyanne.
"NO! You'll hurt her!" The boy named Tom growled back at her.
During all this, only one person, a boy named Keith, had even thought about Sam's problem. "Scared-Sam, what's wrong with it?!" He tried to ask but Sam was busy screaming crying and pounding his fists on the ground.
"Does anyone know what's wrong?!" He tried again but his voice was drowned out by the chaos, "Hush! Shush! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!"
This quieted them down, "Now! Tell me what's wrong with the work Sam?!"
Sam cringed back at the determination in his voice, "N-n-numb-b-ber Three i-i-is d-d-done!"
Keith was grinding his teeth, "I'll ask again, WHAT'S WRONG?!"
Sam stood up and yelled back, "I DIDN'T DO IT! NOONE DOES MY WORK BUT ME, OK?!"
It was Keith's turn to cringe back, "Ok!" he squeaked in reply.
Rhyanne, at hearing this, immediately stopped struggling and completely forgot about Amanda. With shining eyes Rhyanne calmly walked over to Sam and glanced up at the ceiling, a smile creeping on her face, she mimicked Frankensteenell perfectly, "When did we get chandeliers?! Very cool!" All eyes had been on her and now most were giggling at the comment.
Craigannett fell from the ceiling and landed on Tom with a thud, a squeal, and a shout. Noone noticed, all eyes were on Rhyanne once again, for Sam and herself had backed away to the teachers desk and were now whispering to each other.
At once, sudden talk broke out as everyone guessed at Rhyanne's and Sam's topic of conversation.
After about 10 minutes, a very furious Amanda and a jumpy Mr. Browntin entered the room.
Chattered ceased immediately as Mrs. Browntin cleared her throat, "Well...it seems Amanda has...has been horrifically devastated by previous...complications. But she is fine now. Right, Amanda darling?"
"Hmph!" Amanda replied before plopping down in her chair and pouting.
Rhyanne approached the teacher, "Mrs. Browntin? If I may, could I please have the class' attention for a quick sec?"
"Uhh...yeah whatever Tom.-Rhyanne glared and clenched her fists at this but managed to keep control-I have more important matters to attend to." There, Mrs. Browntin cautiously crept to Amanda's desk and tried to reason with her.
"Ok, people, people, if I may have a quick word with you..." Rhyanne spoke with determination and paced back and forth in front of the class with Sam standing awkwardly nearby, "It seems a crime has been committed. A very devious crime.-Rhyanne didn't know what this meant but had heard it on Unsolved Mysteries and thought it sounded cool-Our Scared-Sam has been taken advantage of. Someone has done question three on his work! Now, our first step is finding the suspects. Any ideas?"
All hands shot in the air.
"WOAH! Ok, who do you think Tom?"
"AMANDA!" Tom yelled and jumped out of his sear, finger pointed straight at Amanda. All hands fell.
"Ok, Tom. What's her uhh...umm...what do you call it...uhh...oh! Mutilation! What's her mutilation, Tommy?"
"Uhh...you mean motivation?"
"Yeah, ok, whatever!" Rhyanne snapped back feeling rather taken aback.
"Well, she always HAS TO be the centre of attention, but Sam sometimes steals the umm...steals the lampshade! Err...light. I meant light."
Rhyanne smirked, "Un huh. Sure you meant 'light'." And before Tom could get another word in, "Ok now, anyone got any other suspects in mind?"
Craigannett ran up to the front, got in Rhyanne's face, and jabbed her in the chest with a finger, "YOU!"
Rhyanne casually stepped to the side, "Ok ok! Now get lost! I hate you Craigannett! And who would make up the name Craigannett?! Only a freak that claims she's a writer and got the idea of me from a dude in her class!"
Everyone laughed. Craigannett bawled.
When all settled down, Rhyanne continued, "Ok, I'm adding Craigannett to the list of suspects just to mess with your minds."
Pauline looked puzzled so Rhyanne had obviously succeeded.
Craigannett cried harder.
It was then that a girl named Arlanna jumped up and yelled, "Mrs. Browntin! She did it!"
Jo-Anne nodded her head vigorously, "Yeah! She hates Scared-Sam cause he always freaks out! So she wants to help him pass so he's not in her class next year!"
Rhyanne's mouth dropped, "You thought that up yourself?! Woah...amazing...extremely cool Jo!"
A jealous Arlanna crossed her arms and glared at Jo, "Well, I said Mrs. Browntin! You only gave the reason!"
"No, really, ya think?!" Rhyanna smirked.
Jo stood up and faced Arlanna, "So? I gave her motivation and it impressed Rhyanne!"
"Oh yeah?!" Arlanna demanded.
"Yeah!" Jo shouted back before jumping on Arlanna.
They scuffled around on the floor for a bit while everyone else held their aching ribs and laughed nonstop.
Finally, Mrs. Browntin stood up and tore out a chunk of her brown hair, "STOP IT! OK! I did it...but Scared-Sam is so...IRRITATING! Just take me away from him! NOW! Keep me away from him!" She bolted out of the room tearing out clumps of her hair as she went.
Noone noticed.
They had all surrounded Arlanna and Jo-Anne and were making bets on who'd win the fight.
That was it.
Rhyanne flashed her award winning smile revealing sparkling white teeth and said in that last-line-of-movie tone, "I always new I was a sleuth."