Laura unhooked the golden necklace around her neck that Samantha had given her and placed it inside her jewelry box. Then she took the picture of her and Samantha taken last summer at Tahoe and hid it in her desk drawer. She didn't want to see anything in her room that had to do with Samantha, or the previous night. Tears welled up in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away on her sweatshirt. She then sat down on her bed, and stared at the carpet, which was a checkered patterned carpet with blue and white. " I should never have let her get into that car, " Thought Laura. " If only I had put my foot down just once..."
" Laura! Come downstairs and eat some dinner, " Her mother called.
Laura stood up, went into the bathroom and washed her face. She didn't want her family to see that she had been crying. She walked downstairs and sat down at the table, saying nothing. " Laura, honey..." Her mom said.
" I don't want to talk about it mom, " Laura said quickly.
" But Laura..." Her mom exclaimed.
" I can't mom, " Laura replied, trying to hold back her tears. Her mother sighed. All of a sudden Laura burst into tears. Her mom rushed over to comfort her. " It was all my fault! " Laura sobbed.
" It was NOT your fault, " Her mom said sternly.
" I was the one who let her get into the car, who let her drink the booze..." But Laura couldn't finish. She ran upstairs to her room and locked the door, and then she fell down onto her bed and cried herself to sleep. Her mother knocked on the door, but Laura refused to answer it. She refused to talk to anybody.
The next day at school, Laura sat down eating her lunch in the student park, by herself. She took out her apple, and right when she was about to take a bite, a boy named Matt Jackson walked over to where she was sitting. He sat down next to her. " Hi, " He said. "
" Umm...hi, " Laura said quietly.
" You okay? " He asked.
" Yeah, " She answered.
" I'm really sorry about Sam, " He said.
" I know she was your best friend..."
" Look, I have to go. Thanks for trying to comfort me, but I really don't want to talk to anyone right now, " She said coldly.
Laura walked off. Just as she was about to turn the corner, she dropped her books. A familiar face stood a couple of yards away, staring at her. " No, it couldn't be, " Laura thought. She turned around to pick up her books. When she looked back in the direction in which she had seen the face, it was gone. " It's probably just because I can't stop thinking about her, " Laura said to herself.
Later that day, as Laura sat at her desk in her room doing her homework, she heard a tap on her windowsill. She looked up. Someone was throwing rocks at her window. As she stood up to go see who it was, she couldn't help but remember that Sam used to throw rocks at her window whenever she wanted to see her. But when she looked out the window, there was no one there. " How strange, " She thought. She sat back down to finish her homework.
When Laura slept that night, she had a nightmare. She dreamed that she was at the school at night, in the parking lot. Matt was there, and so was another girl she knew, Jackie. They had been goofing off, and they had planned to go see a movie at the Rheem Theatre, which was nearby. They were waiting for their ride, but Laura wasn't sure who was taking them to the movie. All of a sudden a red jeep pulled into the parking lot and stopped right by them. She read the license plate, and it said, " Coolio " which was the same license plate of Samantha's car. Laura couldn't see who the driver was, but she was pretty sure it was Sam's dad. All three of them climbed into the car. When they drove off, Laura noticed that the driver's head was covered with a hood so she could not see who it was. After a while she could tell that they were not headed toward the movie theatre. When she turned around to tell Jackie and Matt this, they were not there. Somehow they had disappeared. Laura felt highly uncomfortable. She tried to open her mouth to speak, but she could not. When the driver pulled to the side of the road, Laura got out of the car. Then the driver drove away. She was left there all alone, in some abandoned place she knew nothing about. She sat down and did nothing. When she looked up next, she saw a woman walking in the distance. " Hello! " Laura said. " I'm lost can you help me? " But when the woman's face came into view, Laura screamed. She was there. It was her best friend, Samantha Higgins. The bloody bash on her forehead from the accident was still there, and blood gushed out of it. Laura froze. Samantha walked forward, and placed her hand ontop of Laura's shoulder, like she always used to do. Her hand was stone cold.
It was then that Laura woke up, trembling and sweating. She could not get that vision out of her eyes of Samantha, and the expression she had on her face. She kept telling herself it was just a dream...just a dream. Laura went back to sleep. The next morning she woke up, got dressed and went to school without eating any breakfast. She couldn't think about anything else except her dream from last night, and it was killing her. At lunch, she ate in the student park again by herself. Matt didn't try to come over and comfort her this time. As she was finishing up her lunch, she went over to the trashcan to throw away something when she looked up and saw the same face that she had seen yesterday. It was Samantha. She stared at Laura with an expressionless look on her face. They stared at eachother for a moment, until someone called, " Laura! "
It was Jackie. Laura turned around to face her.
" Hey Laura how are you I haven't seen you since..." Her voice trailed off.
" Oh i'm fine. Would you excuse me for a minute? " Asked Laura.
" Sure, " Replied Jackie.
Laura turned around and walked towards the direction where she had seen Sam. But, like the day before, she was no where to be seen.
" This isn't happening, it's just an illusion, " Laura told herself.
Later that day in class, Laura's mind wandered off to the night of the accident. It was dark out, and they were all outside their favorite restaurant, " Henri's ". Laura had been with Samantha, and a couple of other people that Laura didn't know, but Sam brought them along anyways. Laura wasn't so sure she trusted these people. They brought a whole pack of beer, and they offered some to both of them, but only Samantha took some. Laura knew she shouldn't have let Sam take any, afterall they were only sixteen. But she thought that everyone might think she was a sissy if she had done that. So she kept her mouth closed. After Samantha was done with the beer, Laura could tell that she was not sober. Soon one of Sam's other friends had suggested that they take her car for a ride. They wanted to let each person take a turn driving, and Samantha wanted to go first. Laura knew this was not a good idea, since Samantha had been drinking. But again, she subsided. They all piled into the car and Samantha turned the engine on. They started driving, and almost right away Sam started driving very fast. She passed a red light. She almost hit a passing pedestrian. " Sam stop! " Laura shouted.
No one listened to her. Sam kept driving. Laura looked around the car and she noticed that she was the only one wearing her seatbelt. She was just about to say something when Samantha veered off the road and crashed into a huge building along the sidewalk. There was no airbag in the car, so her head crashed into the steering wheel. One of the girls in front jumped forward uncontrollably hitting her head on the windshield. Laura was alright and luckily didn't hit anything, but the others bounced forward and crashed into the seats. Laura got out of the car as quick as she could and it took her 10 minutes to find a phonebooth. She quickly called the hospital and told them to hurry it up. But by the time the ambulance got there...Laura shuddered.
She didn't want to think about death. She didn't want to think about the bloody bash across Sam's forehead.
" Laura would you tell us the answer to problem number 6, please? " Said Miss Guinn. Laura said nothing. She had no idea what was going on.
Laura walked home that day. When she was walking home she kept hearing footsteps behind her, but whenever she looked back, no one was there. When she reached the front door of her house, the door was unlocked.
She went inside. " Mom? " She called.
No one answered.
" Mom you there? " She called again.
Still no answer. Laura assumed that she had some errons to run, and that maybe she was late today. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. She took her glass upstairs, and almost dropped it when she reached the middle step. She could not believe her eyes. Samantha was at the top of the stairs, staring at her. " What do you want?! " Cried Laura.
Sam said nothing. " I'm sorry! " Yelled Laura.
" I didn't want you to die. I was afraid that your friends might think I was a wimp. I'm sorry! "
Just then Laura's mom walked into the room. " Laura? Are you okay? Honey! " Her mother shrieked.
She quickly put down the bags of groceries she was holding. She ran up the stairs to Laura. She was frozen, and couldn't move. Her mom called the docter. Laura had had a seizure. " Will she ever be able to move again? " Her mother asked. " I don't know, Mrs. James, I don't know."
Laura opened her eyes the next morning. There were a bunch of people crowded around her, but Laura didn't seem to notice because she was there,watching her every move with that cold expression on her face.

This story will be continued but for now this is as far as I can go...