Nothing heals
It only becomes numb

Like smoke clearing from a room
Except the smoke brings lucidity
In the brightness of day are we blind

It's funny how silver brings red
A swirl of colors, the colors of pain
But the shell numbs and hides
As we forget

"It took a while to catch my breath"
As the wind of my emotions faded
As everything seems to do
As you did

As the abrasions vanish
The scars toughen
Another barrier for the next to tear down

But the barriers will be gone
I will have torn them down before she sees me
I leave myself open, vulnerable
The tearing of myself is getting old

So I begin anew
Hopeful that the life draining from me is not in vain
That there will be more than natural healing
More than a temporary anesthetic

But you lied, left me
Dripping into a puddle of my own foolishness
Realizing again everything I should have seen
But the smoke is in the aftermath

So I begin the process
Of hiding the wounds, building the callousness
The routine rather,
Tedious, demanding, and draining
And pray to forget

But I remember
You lied
Nothing heals
It only becomes numb

* Lines in quotes are from Peach's song "Peach"
From their album Giving Birth To A Stone (2000)