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~~Chapter 1~~

Back into the Swing of things

"His strong hands caressed ever inch of her silken femininity. She arched and moaned as his hand touched-"

"HEY! What are you writing!?"

The shrill scream that came out of me could have broke glass, I swear to god. Hastily I covered my laptop with my body, trying to keep Li's eyes off my "creative writing", but one way or another, I'd never hear the end of it.

Li tried to pull me off the computer, but I wouldn't budge, I have my dignity…..somewhere. He's been my boyfriend/lover/husband type thing, for about four years now, and each day is always weird and makes as much sense as the Matrix.

"What are you hiding Tenshi? Let me see" he persuaded, poking me in the sides, until I giggled insanely from the ticklish sensation and had to slap his hands away. I never saw him move so fast when he picked up my laptop and made a mad dash away from me.

It was never a dull moment when I lived with him and his weird, eccentric behavior. To say that I was more 'wife' material would be stating the truth, because I was in a sense, I kept him out of trouble. I don't mind being the more 'feminine' one, but to be told everyday is a real buzz kill.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, that's right, currently I'm straddling Li, whom is reading my interesting story and laughing madly. Hmm, he's not getting any tonight I guess.

"Give it back, Li!" I whined, reaching for my computer, but despite the fact he was underneath me he still managed to evade my hands.

"No, I'm reading it" he said, shifting until he was lying on his stomach and he continued to read!

Does nothing I say register in his mind!? No, I suppose not, but this did give me the chance to swipe the laptop from him and make my getaway.

He followed me of course and tried to steal it back, but I saved my work and turned it off, but not before passwording it for later. He tackled me against the couch and straddled me.

"Until next time" I said, placing the computer on the table and kissed his neck lightly. I should have known better than to do that, since now he was ravishing my face with small kisses.

Sure I would have liked to stay and continue this pleasing display of affection, but the clock started to chime and it was time for me to leave for work.

I pushed Li off of me, much to his disappointment and spared him a tiny, apologetic smile. He didn't work on Mondays, but I sure did. After taking a quick shower, I ventured into our room and rummaged around my closet for something.

Finding my suit, I closed the door to find Li staring at me as usual. He always liked to do that, stare at me while I dressed. At first in our relationship it made me raise my brow a lot, but now I was used to it and his wandering hands.

Dressed and clean, I grabbed my briefcase and kissed Li on the cheek before leaving the apartment. I didn't borrow his car since he always has some place to go and he never really stops working, so I bike to work everyday.

My name is Tenshi Hikari Yamasaki; I'm twenty-one and currently employed to work with Dr. Eric Haskins at Atherson Edmont clinic of Psychology and therapy. I'm not technically married by law, but my family and Li's held a small ceremony for us, like a wedding at the temple. So, that's where my name is from.

Now, I'm a family therapist, and the reason I am is because Dr. Haskins saw potential in me and trusted my judgement in people. Plus, he thinks that I'm honest and receptive.

All other thoughts aside, I smiled as the wind rushed through my hair, blowing my long braid in the air as I rode down the street. Things had changed greatly in these four short years. A whole new district was added which is where Li and I currently live today. The mall had more things added on to it as well and some shops had been set up everywhere, as well as new garden areas.

But, the things that you love and always will stay the same, like my family's temple. It's been there for so long and it's still popular amongst everyone in the city.

Currently, my parents, grandparents and younger brother Yukiko live there. Since my grandfather knows I won't be taking over the temple, he's giving it to Yukiko.

Heh, my little brother, I love him so much. He's not related to me by blood, but my family and I could care less, because as far as we're concerned, he'll always be a Hikari.

"Hey watch it!" I blinked, realizing that I was on the sidewalk and running people down. I swerved by an old lady and ended up going towards a huge flight of stairs.

"OH SHIT!" I yelled, keeping my teeth clenched as my bike and I went flying down the steps.

Man, that hurts the crotch!

It didn't last long, thank god, before the bike rolled off the steps and right into a big Sakura tree in the park.

I slammed, literally slammed, into the tree trunk, causing me to fly forward and into a patch of Sakura petals just lying around. I heard gasps and shouts of concern, but I sat up anyway, sighing in relief when my back snapped back in place.

That's right, I have back problems, but it's not my fault.

The reason for this is that before some big track and field event, I just happened to have been decorating for it. I was on a ladder about ten feet high and slipped, making me fall to the ground, straight onto my back.

I wasn't paralyzed, but of course Kitarou made a big deal about it, telling me what a klutz I was and that if I hurt myself maybe I'd learn next time.

I never did though ^^;

Sure I'm cautious and stuff, but I like living dangerously, even if that means just having sex with Li in a tree at a national park, but still, its something right?

I walked to my bike with a slight limp and spared the worried bystanders a smile before climbing back onto my tandem and wheeling off to work.

Surely Li would have scolded me, but he would have quickly taken a picture. Oh, by the way, that's what Li does for a living, he's a photographer for magazines and newspapers.

He always manages to take such fantastic photos that can make you wonder how he was able to get into half the places he went in.

You know, the more I think as I ride, the more directionally challenged I become. I swerved away from a cat this time, but instead of slamming into some tree and hit someone.

"Son of a bitch!… Huh? Oh, hey Tenshi" I smiled sheepishly at the coffee stained teacher. He looked at me with cerulean eyes through silver trimmed glasses and his short, tamed golden hair swung lightly as he shook his head at me.

"Twenty-one and still acting like a kid I see" Kitarou Murakami said, removing his coat and placing it over his arm. The man that stood before me used to be my rival, but now he was a great friend and an amazing teacher.

He teaches kindergarten if you can believe it, and he's the sweetest teacher anyone could want. Ukai teases him about it too, not to be cruel, far from it actually; he just likes to knit pick the fact that Kitarou used to be such a bad ass.

"Kitarou, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to get to work, and by the looks of yourself, I'd say you do as well, am I right?" I asked, leaning on the crushed front of my bike.

"Right you are whelp, I have a fieldtrip with the kids today, so I can't be late"

"Well, get you ass moving, oh, but you and Ukai should stop by tonight" I said. He nodded curtly at me, but said nothing as he walked down the sidewalk to the elementary school not far from where we just stopped to talk.

Quirking my brow and clucking my tongue lightly, I drove on, this time keeping my eyes in front of me to make sure something else didn't happen this early in the morning.

Usually I'm not this anxious to get to work, but today I need to be there, Dr. Haskins wants me to work with this couple and their son I think, so I had to hurry or I'd be late for the appointment.

"You don't listen to me!"

"Yes I do, all the time, I just get sick of what you talk about!"

"You get sick of me talking about our relationship and our son!?"

"Of course, no father wants THAT for a son!"

I winced at the malice in the man's voice as he pointed at his son. I looked over at the young man, sixteen years of age, dressed in a short black skirt and white halter top with makeup darker than shadows on a wall, not to mention the four inch heals he was sporting.

When I had dressed as Christine all those years ago for the Halloween party, that was just for show, but this boy was a cross dresser, plan and simple and had been since he was twelve. TWELVE! Wow!

"Don't yell at him Izuko! He's not hurting anyone and if he feels comfortable like this then that's his decision!" the woman, Menoko, yelled at her husband.

I sat back, watching as things unfolded, and wishing desperately that I had some Advil with me. But, this was normal; it was best for the patients to let it all out, no matter what volume.

I looked over at their son, Senjurou, noticing that he said nothing, he didn't even look at anything but me. I was used to this, I always caught them staring at me, either it be with interest or hate, but the latter was very seldom.

He smiled at me sadly, before putting his eyes downcast. I hated when they did that, it wasn't his fault at all; it was just way he was. The yelling had increased, hurtful words were exchanged, each time more painful and cruel.

"Excuse me, Sir, Ma'am, please calm down some" I said, taking my glasses off so that I could chew on the ear piece, like I always did whenever I was frustrated or nervous.

"Now sir, I notice already that you have a hard time talking with your wife and that you never listen to the things she wants your to hear, you just assume that anything she has to say is pointless"

"Of course I don't want to hear it! Why would any man want to know that his son is some fucking fag!?"

"Please calm down sir" I said, raising my hand to silence him. You would think that the comment would faze me, but it never does "I will not appreciate that sort of language. What is your real issue with your son, and wife?

I waited for his answer, but it never came. Our time was up and at that time my client wished to see another consoler. Dr. Haskins would not be happy with this, I know he wouldn't.

Once the meeting was over I slunk down the hall to his office, frantically trying to figure out what I would say to my mentor about my failure to help that crazy ass family!

I came to my destination and walked into the waiting room. It was empty, save for the one person sitting by the window reading. When I entered he looked up and just stared at me.

What? Did I have something on my face or hanging out of my nose?

Swiftly I tip toed over to a chair that was a good distance away from the other man and grabbed a magazine. His eyes never left me though, so I tried desperately to sink down as much as possible behind the magazine.

Even through the thick magazine (which I've always noticed are 56% ads and the rest are articles) I could feel his eyes boring into my skull, watching my every move, judging everything I did! But again, I exaggerate WAY too much.

Occasionally I would peek over my magazine to see if he was still looking at me. Seeing that he had returned to reading I gave him a closer look. His face was long and serious, with a sharp chin and small nose. His brown hair, with a tinge of red, was long and wavy, reaching his shoulders, but his eyes are what made me stare.

His left eye was a bright aqua colour, while the one on the right was a deep forest green. I found myself staring at them, getting lost in the deepest depths of his eyes, that is until he looked up and smiled at me.

He stood up! He was coming over! And I'm a nervous wreck around everything, including rabbits and weasels! So I began to sweat as this new man sat next to me and smiled again, this time showing a row of perfect white teeth.

"Hello" he said smoothly, closing his book and gently placing it in his lap.

"Um, Hi" oh how dense and stupid I sounded in his presence. He looked like a businessman, like a doctor, while I looked like a little boy trying to walk around in his father's shoes and clothes.

"I'm Joshua Kiyonori" he extended his hand in greeting, while the gentle smile never left his face once. I took the offered hand, feeling how utterly soft the man's hands were and how pleasingly warm they were.

"I'm Tenshi Hikari Yamasaki," I said, finding my long name completely unnecessary, I might as well have given him my middle name while I was at it.

His smile never once faltered when I rambled out my name, he just continued to stare deep in my eyes. Damn, I could feel myself turning red from being his focus of attention.

"Sorry if I'm making you nervous Tenshi, I just like meeting new people, and you just seemed interesting" Joshua said. I blinked more than once I'm sure, with the blush still heavily laden on my cheeks. Interesting? Books, poems, music and movies about dead guys were interesting, I was just taking a seat in the waiting room. How can that be interesting?

"You're not making me nervous, Kiyonori-san, I was just a little startled about the approach is all" the nervousness thankfully left my voice, but that didn't mean I couldn't feel it swirling around in my body, I felt sick now.

"My friends call me Josh"

"Oh, all right Kiyonori-san"

He laughed lightly at me; I could see mirth in his eyes, bright and shining and I almost wondered if his eyes were real. Now, I wouldn't make an attempt to poke them because the last thing I need is some weird eye-poking related lawsuit.

"Who do you work for, Tenshi?" he asked, and I watched as he crossed his legs and I even moved back some when he leaned towards me until he was practically in my face.

Rather unsettling eh?

"I work for Dr. Eric Haskins, but I'm more of a eunuch of therapy than an actual psychologist" I said, being completely serious, but he laughed at what I said like it was the funniest damn thing in the world.

He kept laughing at everything I said…hmm, he kept smiling at me all the time…And he was practically hanging off me. Ah crap! Don't tell me that this guy has the hots for me!? Damn it! The last thing I need on my hands is for Li to find out.

I had to get out of here!

"Tenshi, Kiyonori-kun" any means of escape were lost when Dr. Haskins addressed the two of us, and with a hearty, gray mustached smile, that made his cloudy-blue eyes shine with merriment.

We entered his office, completely oblivious to why the two of us entered….well, I was completely oblivious, but I'm sure that Joshua knew why we were here.

Taking a seat in the always-plushy soft chairs of Dr. Haskins office, I waited for him to explain why he wanted to see me. Had he heard of my problem regarding that asshole patient of mine? W-was he angry that I had failed rather miserably in trying to help someone!? Well, was he?!

"Now, I'm sure that introductions were given already, but if they haven't been then let me introduce to you Tenshi, Joshua Kiyonori" Dr. Haskins began, motioning his hand to Joshua "he's come all the way from Hiroshima to work under my name"

"He's in the same line of consoling that you are in, only he's worked there a little longer. Also, I've noticed that you've been having problems getting adjusted to your job, and I thought that he could teach you more since I am always so busy with the Minami case".

I blinked, not once, not twice, but thrice at his statement. I wasn't that ignorant about my job, and how could I be, I had just started after three years of University. I was just getting adjusted.

"So, is it all right? Oh, and Tenshi, I'm not concerned with the Iwanaga case, I know you tried your best, but they were a difficult couple for a first year, which is why I thought you two would be perfect working together".

I nodded dumbly and took a look to my left where Joshua sat smiling. I turned away immediately when his eyes focused on me, they were just so expressive and right now I saw something odd in them.

"Well, its late now, so you two can be on your way" Dr. Haskins said, standing up in his formal way to get people out of his office "I hope that you two will get along".

With gentle persuasion, (aside from a swift kick in the ass) we left Dr. Haskins office and I couldn't be happier; at least now I would be able to go home earlier and get away from Joshua Kiyonori.

It wasn't even four o'clock when I was zooming past secretaries and clients to get out of that stuffy building. I like my job, I really do, but after today I had a terrible headache and the only thing that could make me happy would be a pill the size of a basketball.

Once outside, I was greeted with the sight of my mangled bike, which still had leaves and twigs stuck to it. Shaking it off I mounted the machine and started peddling away, while my mind drifted I hadn't noticed the person that stepped in front of me.

"Hello Tenshi" the voice said and before I could register who it was I ran into him.

No screams of agony, no curse words, in fact, I barely felt the impact. Opening my eyes (which I never realized were closed) I saw Joshua holding the front of my bike steady.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" I cried, now hovering above the seat on unsteady legs. He smiled again and reached out a hand to touch my face gently.

I jerked back slightly, not expecting him to be like this, but I didn't see any hurt cross his face, all he did was smile at me again.

"I was wondering, Tenshi, if you would like to go out some time?" the statement caught me off guard and I stood there with my mouth hanging open. Seconds ticked by in my head, my brain acting like a pendulum before I could think of the most plausible thing to say to him.

"I-I know that I look and sometimes act like a girl, but Joshua, um Kiyonori-san, I'm a guy!" I literally shirked, causing some people to look over at us. Ignoring the many quizzical gazes, I turned back to him only to find him smiling again. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! Why can't this guy ever scowl or sneer or, or, um….glare even!

"Tenshi, are you okay?" and that's another thing! He's so informal with me! Didn't his mother teach him anything!? …..Wow, I'm really over reacting, calm…Calm…there we go ~_~

"I know you're a guy Tenshi, but that doesn't bother me at all"

"Are you gay?" I asked abruptly, then mentally slapped myself for being such an idiot. He was hitting on me, what else could he be?

"Well, sometimes I am" he answered, leaning on my bike front "I just passed your office once and watched you work quietly and with such grace".

"I see, but you, you're nice and all, but I have a boyfriend, well a lover, well, he's more like a husband" I said, trying not to sound nervous, boy did I fail at that.

Joshua nodded, and tapped the handlebars, before finally backing off some so I could leave. He smiled at me once more and left me to my own business. Nya! I felt weird now; I wanted to get home even faster than before. That whole incident with Kiyonori-san left a bad taste in my mouth.

Hopping back onto the seat, I pushed off and rode home faster than I usually did, but the whole while I felt eyes on me. When I turned around, nothing was there.


After crashing into bushes and other shrubs, I managed to make it home safely, well, as safe as possible for me. As soon as my bike was put away I soared up the stairs, not even bothering with the elevator because 1.) I run fast so I save time and 2.) There's always this weird old lady sending me dirty glares.

Finally I made it to my destination and threw the door open to our apartment only to find the living room empty, except for what looked like a large black ottoman on the floor.

"Kitsune? Are you home?" I called out, tossing my keys into a little bowl near the front door. I took off my shoes and slid on my slippers before I went in search of Li.

"Li? Are you here at all?" I yelled again, heading to the kitchen, perhaps he was there. Venturing into the kitchen I found nothing more than dishes piled up with food, that was possibly months old, clinging to the smooth surfaces.

Sighing, I opened the fridge and retrieved a beer before heading back into the living room. It was there that I heard a muffled sound, which almost sounded like someone's voice.

I called out once more, and again the sound came from somewhere in the room. Surveying the place, I saw nothing more than books, papers and usual things you'd find in an apartment on the floor, all except that strange footstool that had appeared today.

Curiously, I stepped over to the weird thing and kicked it forward causing it to yelp. What the hell!? Furniture doesn't cry out in pain!

"Ta ma Dik!" the furniture cried out and I recognized the Chinese profanity. Unfolded in front of my very eyes was Li, hair disheveled and a look of confusion on his ever-youthful face.

"What the? Tenshi? What was that for?" Li asked, standing back up and it was at this time that I saw he was wearing nothing else but black also it clung to him rather tightly too.

"I thought you were something else…. But never mind that, what were you doing?"

"Yoga" responded Li, bending backwards completely until his hands touched the ground. You know, I never knew he was so flexible and the very notion that he was made me smile. I could use this to my advantage.

"Well, I didn't know you even did yoga, when did you start?"

"Since you work so much and for so long, I decided to take up something that could keep me calm and relax my muscles" he said under a high voice, as his body was stretched to the limits that I could have never comprehended.

The smile left my face when I remembered why I had driven home so quickly. That man, I didn't like him no matter how much he smiled and laughed! Grr, the nerve of him, hitting on me like that when he barely knew me.

"What did you say, Tenshi?" Oh did I jump high when I heard Li's sensual voice coo in my ear and his arms wrap around my waist protectively. He always liked this position. When he stood behind me and held me I know it made him feel better, more in charge.

Since the incident four years back, he had become very protective of me, which made it almost impossible to get and keep a real job since he would call me all the time and show up at my workplace.

The first job I ever had only lasted a week before Li had caused an outburst about someone trying to harass me when really all he did was be himself, which was very touchy-feely.

I had yelled at him, cried, cursed so loud the neighbors banged on the wall, I did pretty much anything to vent out my frustration, I even slapped him across the face before I broke down.

At the time I felt stupid for flying off the handle like that, but I was so upset at what he did. Not only did he completely embarrass me, but he made it seem like I was weak and unable to take care of myself.

So we fought for hours until finally he apologized to me, telling me that he loved me more than anything else and would do nothing to upset me ever again. And he never has; he allowed me to get a job without even complaining and he only shows up at work when we have a lunch date.

"By the way, you're home early, why is that?"

"Oh that, Dr. Haskins sent me home early after he told me that I would be working with someone more advanced then me" I explained, removing the part about where I was asked out.

"That's bullshit, you don't need any assistance, you're a great therapist".

Perhaps he was right, but I knew that Dr. Haskins had great judgement, and if he thought that I needed some improvement, then I would go along with it.

It was all so strange to me since I wasn't use to all this. Getting this job was a major change for me since I had trained for years to be a shrine master at my family temple, but since I found out that I was in love with Li, I just wanted to be with him.

My family didn't care though, they only wanted me to be happy and happy I am. Not including today though. Sighing out of either annoyance or concern, I sat down on the couch and brought my legs up to meet my chest.

"Is something wrong, Tenshi? You seem upset about something" Li questioned. He sat down across from me on our glass coffee table and stared at me. I debated in my mind over and over again whether or not I should say anything about Joshua, but I wasn't going to, not when he would probably just leave me alone now.

"Nothing is wrong…I want pretzels," I said, completely changing the subject and why I said it I'll never know. Sometimes I don't even get myself.

"Pretzels? You hate them" ah, the truth hit hard, I did hate the overly salted bread snacks, so what a stupid thing to ask for. Li's brow rose in suspicion, but the light ding from the doorbell ceased his questions.

Thank god! I'm saved from interrogation!

However, before Li ever opened the door, it swung open and nearly hit him. Behind the door stood the last person I wanted to see that day, in fact it was the last person I wanted to look at ever!

Why were they here!?

~~*End Chapter 1*~~

*Playing poker with the boys* I fold….oh, hey everyone, how nice of you to stick around. So? How was it? Do you think I should go further with it or give up now and cower under my computer for the rest of my days?

Kitarou: Under your computer you stupid wench! I don't want to be a teacher!

Me: all but the little kids love you! So you must be a teacher, doesn't it fit him?

Ukai: Yep! He's so cute in that little suit and tie, it makes me horny!

Me: too much info for me

Tenshi: no kidding

Me: well, I can't sit here writing more with my muses since I have to take a shower because I've got a job interview tomorrow as well as my drivers test! So please pray for me! and I'll see you all later!

Ja ne!