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~~Chapter 2~~

Gift of a Child

I don't usually grumble and complain, but today I would make an acceptation. Slowly I ate the chicken curry Li made while I listened to my lover and Kitarou talk to each other about everything from weird little kids in Kitarou's class to odd photos of trees that Li had to take.

Meanwhile, Ukai munched on rolls that I had baked two seconds after Kitarou had slammed Li into the wall with the door. And me? Well I had my shoulders hunched and my head down low as I ate.

It wasn't really normal with me, but then again, I tend to change from cute, to weird, to sexy (at least that's what Li tells me), and then to mean.

"So Tenshi, what have you been up to lately? We haven't hung out as much since you became such an important person working with all the dysfunctional families, anorexic girls and pretty boy schizos," he beamed sweetly, and usually I'd smile at his upbeat attitude, but now I was just annoyed with what happened today.

I don't like Joshua! He's scares me!

"Not much, Kodoku, except my boss thought I needed help with my job today so he hired another associate!" I fumed, stabbing at the meat on my plate with chopsticks until it had tiny holes punctured in it.

My poor chicken! Nothing is going right! I should just go in my room and cry pathetically!

"I still can't see why that bothers you so much," Li said from across the table, but I just sent him a quick glance before eating again. Ah food, you're such a good friend today…now I want doughnuts and cake!

"I've heard about the guy working with him, but I can't imagine Tenshi keeping anything important from you, Li," Kitarou voiced in between sips of wine with a hint of mirth. I had the sudden urge to make him eat that damn wine glass, "so, I'm guessing by Tenshi's reaction that something about this 'associate' is different."

Die, die, die Kitarou! Why was he being such a jerk to me!? I'll get him back next week! That conversation ended with my endless glare at the blond, which led to all shutting-up from Ukai and Li.

Again my thoughts returned to the incident today with Joshua. I would be lying if I said he wasn't attractive, but when I heard that silky smooth voice speak, I felt incredibly awkward. He reminded me of a vulture, the way he circled around and tried to grab his prey to devour it.

"So, Li, what have you been up to?" Ukai finally asked, cutting through the uncomfortable silence. My ebony-haired lover looked up from his food and spared the petite artist a smile before speaking.

"I haven't been that busy, usually I just hang out at home, but when I'm not here I'm taking pictures of the outside for a travel magazine I'm working for," he said, before placing a piece of chicken in his mouth and chewing thoroughly.

Oh man, was I sullen by the time dinner was done and over with. So much annoyed that I glared at the happy faced dessert with the little cherries for eyes! Everyone still chatted about different things, but I just couldn't think of anything, not that I usually do.

"Well, it's late and we should get going, I have to give a test tomorrow," Kitarou said, standing up from the table, with Ukai following obediently.

"It was nice of you to have us over," Ukai chimed, bowing to Li and I. We all said our good-byes, then they lingered a little longer like most houseguests and then finally they left and the interrogation was over, thank god.

When the door closed, I let out a sigh of relief. It's not that I don't love Kitarou Murakami and Kodoku Ukai, it's just that whenever that blond bastard is here, he makes my life a living hell!

"So, tell me love, what does Kitarou know that I don't?" Li purred into my ear, grabbing me from behind. He pulled me down onto the couch and cradled me on his lap, "was it so horrible that you couldn't tell me?"

What could I say? That some weird guy that I now have to work with was hitting on me like I was a hooker on a street corner? No, I couldn't say anything that would make Li flip out. Since that incident when I thought he was cheating on me with Kitarou, he promised that he would never do that, and I made the same oath.

"Tenshi, what is your new co-worker like?" Li asked, running his hands under my shirt and tweaking whatever there was to tweak. I was so weak when it came to his pleasurable torture, plus this was his way of getting answers out of me.

"He's slightly attractive with two different coloured eyes and, by the sounds of it, he's very s-smart!" I yelped out the last word when his head disappeared under my shirt and he started to nibble on my chest.

"Not as attractive as me I hope," came Li's muffled voice from underneath my shirt. I gasped, feeling his tongue lap playfully against every inch of skin beneath the cotton shirt.

I sighed in ecstasy as his hands crept lower into my pants. Well now, it seems as though Li wanted a little action tonight and looking forward to it as well, judging by the feel of him.

Well, if he wants it, then he can have it all night long!

~~Fifteen minutes later~~


I can't believe it; I just cannot believe it! He fell asleep half way through foreplay! Why today of all times!? First he wanted to know so much about what this new guy and was willing to feel me up, but when we finally got more into it, he falls asleep!

Oh well, I didn't really feel like doing anything tonight, especially not after what happened today with my bike; I'm still sore from that so I'll probably take the bus tomorrow.

When it was quiet like this, aside from the small noises from Li, I had time to think, to reflect on past experience. I find it so strange that just four years ago I was desperately trying to push Li off me in the beginning, finding the way he was a little odd.

Then he did something to me that most people would have thought would have been mortified about. He locked the bathroom door at school, advanced on me and then ended up touching me in places that he shouldn't have, especially during school!

After that moment I was confused, thinking for years that I liked only girls, but even in that time I knew there was something between Li and I, a feeling a never got when I was around Kaia or any other girls. Perhaps because of Li being so forward with his own feelings, it allowed me to open up to myself and admit that I loved him, regardless of his gender.

But in the end everything turned out great; Li and I stayed together, Kaia got married, Kitarou and Ukai are in love, and Yukiko is living a wonderful life with my parents at the temple.

Hmm, I think I'm being ridiculous about this whole Joshua thing; I'm sure that tomorrow it will be completely fine and since I told him that I was 'married', maybe he would forget about this entire thing! Yes, that sounded quite good!

Finally I relaxed, the thoughts from today just drifting out of my weary head as it collided with the pillow. I reached over and turned the lamp off before latching myself onto Li's arm and cuddled as close to the warm body next to me as possible.

Things would be so much better tomorrow!

Ah! Today was sure to be a good day! Full of new beginnings and birds chirping high in the trees while the sun bathed everyone with fuzzy rays of light.

Too bad that there is no such thing as that! It was horrible outside; wet and murky, raining so hard that it could crack the pavement!

And so I stood under an umbrella waiting for the public bus to stop. To pass my boredom I chewed on my breakfast, which was nothing more than a bagel with a little cream cheese and drank my coffee.

This morning when I woke up and saw the storm I asked Li to drive me to work, but he had gotten a call that they needed a photographer to take pictures of the wreckage for the newspaper, so he didn't even have time to kiss me good bye.

Oh well, I got my kiss when we woke up, so that's okay I guess.

I glared up at the lightening streaking the sky, blaming it for Li's quick departure, but what was the point? It was just one of those days I guess.

Sighing rather deeply, I watched as people scurried off the streets into buildings or shops, trying to keep their clothes and hair dry. At least I was dry though, under the protectiveness of my trusty umbrella. That was until a car came speeding by and drove through a puddle.

I coughed, watching mud come out of my mouth. Damn it all! Now I was not only wet, but also covered with mud and dirt.

The old lady next to me smiled in sympathy, and took out a tissue from her purse and handed it to me to remove some of the grime.

"Such lovely eyes you have, dear," she said in her ancient, yet kind voice. I smiled at her, pressing the tissue to my face, trying to remove as much as of the mess as possible.

"Thank you," I replied, watching as her brow furrowed upon hearing me, what was her problem I wondered "Excuse me, Ma'am, are you all right?"

"Gracious me, I believe I've seen you before," she said, tapping her chin lightly and then squeaked lightly as the wheel in her head started to move. "Isn't your name Genzai Sennen?"

Genzai Sennen? That was my grandfather's name! He barely left the shrine, so how would this woman know him? And more importantly, why am I talking to myself? I should be asking her this question!

"Not to seem rude, but how do you know that name?" I asked finally, watching her with quizzical eyes. She tittered lightly at my question, but would answer as it was.

"Oh my, I made a mistake again, I thought you were Genzai. My you look so much like him it's almost frightening. But I know that name very well from personal experience. I used to date a Genzai Sennen."

Used to date him!? What? How? Where? When!? Did Grandma know about this, this floozy!? This was too weird; I knew coming to the bus stop today would be a bad idea! And now it proved to be true!

"Um, when did the two of you date?"

"Oh, back when we were about twenty-one," she said sweetly, her look that of a woman remembering the past. But wait! ...Twenty one? Holy fudge monkeys! My grandparents were both twenty-two when they got married! So when did they date if my grandfather was with this women!? Was he unfaithful to her!?

I was about to say something, but the sound of the bus coming to a stop entered my ears. Behind it another bus halted, it being the one that would take me to my destination.

"Oh, well, that's my ride, so I must be going, young man," she said, and before I could speak a word more, she had boarded the bus, while other people clambered on, stopping me from saying anymore.

Shit! I was hoping to confront that lady since she made it sound like my grandpa was a cheating dog! Anyhow, I couldn't angst over it now, I had to get to work or my ass would be grass!

Ignoring everyone around me and pushing my way past people on the street, I clambered onto the other bus just in time to feel the doors close against me.

Oy, it's hard to get through the city at this time of morning, reminds me of New York in a sense. Sighing, I deposited my money and walked down the isle for a seat.

No seats, son of a bitch! Can lift suck any less?!

"You can sit here if you'd like," Ah! Things were looking up! I turned around to see the nice person that offered their seat and my heart skipped when I saw whom it was.

"Hello, Tenshi," Joshua greeted, smiling at me sweetly and I started to stare at his eyes again. I found myself thinking about the colour of his irises last night. Both a shade of green in a way, but the forest green in his right eye always made me think that the colour had ran into the other, like a red sock with white laundry.

"Hey kid! Sit the fuck down!" the driver yelled, changing gears, and making the bus lurch forward. The sudden movement made me lose my balance and I staggered forward.

Oh god! I was going to fall into Joshua's arms! Split second decision: do I fall in his arms or kiss the floor? …THE FLOOR! And so I went, face down and sprawled out in front of Joshua's feet.

I heard a gasp of surprise, and immediately felt someone trying to pick me up. Someone? HA! I knew very well who it was…but you know… his concern for me was nice.

When I lifted my head I knew for sure that I was blushing, but from what was another story all together. It was at this time that I saw that no one else in the bus had even craned their neck to see who had fallen. Some people, honestly, never care about anyone.

"You're not hurt, are you, Tenshi?" he asked, pulling me up onto the seat. I was surprised by his strength but I would never comment on it; I, at least, had that going for me, right?

"Yes, thank you, Kiyonori-san," I replied, scooting over just a little so that we didn't touch. I know he caught my nervousness, but I didn't care, why should I? I'm not here to impress, you know?

Moments passed and the awkward silence remained. I looked at nothing except the greasy-haired head in front of me and Joshua looked at nothing except well…. Me, um, how wonderful - *heavy sarcasm*

"What are you staring at?" I finally asked, receiving a light chuckle from him.

"You," he replied cutely, pointing at me quickly and dropping his hands in his laps where his fingers insisted on playing with the fastenings of his satchel.

Ack, what was this guy's problem anyway? He's continuously flirting and he knows I'm with someone! Sometimes I wonder if words spoken to people just go in one ear and out the other.

"I know that you're 'married', Tenshi, but what's the harm in a little healthy attraction, right? I mean, it's not like I have a huge shrine erected in my apartment dedicated to you!" he laughed, but somehow the thought of it made me cringe inwardly.

"I guess there's no problem with that," I said, but we all know what I just did, right? That's right, I lied! And I'm damn proud of it! I'm sure that he was a nice guy and all, but being so forward just makes me so uncomfortable.

He's really friendly, he must be Canadian.*

"We should take a hot shower together," he said nonchalantly, causing my eyes bugged out of my head.

"Excuse me!?"

"I said that you look like you need a hot shower, you're covered in mud," he said, quirking a brow at my odd behavior. "Why? What did you think I said?"

What had I heard? God, I must be losing it. All those years hanging around someone as perverted and annoying as Kitarou had warped me, making every little thing sound twisted.

No wonder I heard something else. I'm too influenced by my friends! Um, friends whom I love and cherish of course, but other than that, they're twisted and weird!

"It's not a problem I assure you; Dr. Haskin's office has a shower and I'll get cleaned up there," I said quietly, trying to ignore the man next to me and his wandering gaze.

We rode the bus in complete silence, never exchanging a single word with each other. His eyes, however, never faltered as he kept staring at me. Creepy? Why yes, of course it was.

He reminded me of someone I used to know, a man in my college years that used to stalk me. It wasn't a severe case like most people talk about, but it was strange enough.

It had gotten to the point where I couldn't talk about Li or even touch Li without pissing this guy off. So, in the end a restraining order was put on and I haven't seen him since.

Suddenly, the bus stopped and disgruntled passengers pushed their way off. Shaking off the remainder of dirt encrusted in my hair, I clutched my briefcase tightly and waited for the rest of the people to leave the bus, and the all did, all except Joshua of course.

"Tenshi, are you coming? This is our stop."

He had spoken to me as though I was his best friend, one to be trusted and adored. The feeling was alien to me; I had never met someone so freakishly willing to befriend me so openly.

As weird as it was, as weird as he was, I felt a sudden emotion swirl within me. I don't know what you'd call it, but I felt happy that this person found some sort of joy from being around me.

Maybe I'm really just conceited? Nah, I just like to be needed I guess, even if Joshua's need of me is for my body OR he likes to torture newbies in his line of work.

…I think both, really.

Finally, after much thinking, which always tends to be slow with me, I nodded to Joshua's prior question and followed him off the bus and right into a huge mud puddle…how wonderful.

The office was quiet this morning as Joshua and I entered. Usually the screaming and yelling of patients could be heard two blocks down, but today the only sound was from Mathias as he leaned against the copier machine and drank coffee while prints were flying out of it.

"Morning, Mathias," I said cheerfully, watching as the small paper tray became littered in files and reports soaring out of the machine. Perhaps we should get that thing checked?

"Good morning, Hikari-Yamasaki-san," he replied, befuddled by the way my extended name came out. Hmm, maybe for the sake of mentality I'll tell people to just call me Yamasaki-san.

Wow, that sounds weird, doesn't it? Tenshi Yamasaki? I'm so used to hearing Hikari, but you know, times are changing. Time to move on! And I have, yay me!

"Oh yeah, I was supposed to inform you that there is a patient already waiting for you in your office," Mathias yelled over the loud sound of the broken copier. I smiled at him and retreated down the hall quickly with Joshua following me.

The last thing I needed was for that contraption to start shooting toner.

It really was too quiet today in the halls, since now the only sound that could clearly be heard was the click of our shoes against the floor. Must be a slow day today for others, but I have someone waiting for me and showers could wait.

Pushing the door open to my office just a little, I peeked in to see who was sitting on the couch. It was a boy, not very old by the looks of him; the right side of his face was horribly bruised and his school uniform was disheveled and torn.

He looked terrible, like someone had beaten the hell out of him and I should know, I had my fair share of bullies in the past. I was almost afraid to walk into the room, but I did anyway and his head snapped up upon hearing my entrance.

I smiled and approached the desk, trying my hardest not to stare at his face, but sooner or later I would have to. Joshua acknowledged him with a nod and tiny smile before taking a seat in the back to observe.

There wasn't a folder or even a piece of paper on my desk to tell me who this boy was, which got me to wondering if I already knew him.

"Hi, so what's your name, young man?" I asked, sitting down across from him. He looked at me incredulously, but smiled nonetheless.

"I knew no one could recognize me like this; it's me, Yamasaki-sama, Iwanaga Senjurou, the cross-dresser?" he said quietly, keeping his eyes downcast, similar to the way he had before.

"Iwanaga-kun, why-"

"Please, just Sen, I hate formality," he corrected, returning to fiddling with his blazer lapels. I smirked a little, but it went unnoticed by him.

"Okay then, why are you here, Sen?" I finally asked without interruption. Tears started to form in his eyes, but he turned away, obviously feeling them slide down his cheeks.

"I had to get away, I can't stay around him anymore," he cried openly now, allowing each tear to hit his hands that were clasped tightly to his knees.

Around him? I had a pretty clear idea of whom he meant. Just by looking and hearing his father, I gathered immediately that he was an abusive man, especially with how angry he got towards Sen.

"Are you talking about your father, Sen?" I asked, leaning forward to place my hands on top of his. He sniffled loudly and nodded, never flinching from my hands.

"Ever since we came back from seeing you yesterday, he's been beating on me endlessly, and he even hit my mother a couple of times. I-I won't go back, as long as I'm there my mom isn't safe, and I would kill myself if anything happened to her!"

In an instant he had thrown himself at me, wanting comfort, and I calmed him by wrapping my arms around his small, trembling body. For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want to harm their child.

When I looked at this boy, so confused and scared about his life, I felt strong alleviation that I had such wonderful, understanding parents that loved me and didn't condescend my decision to be with a man.

Sen pulled away from me reluctantly, leaving little wet spots on my chest from where his tears had soaked into my shirt, "I'm sorry, Yamasaki-sama, I didn't mean to break down like that, I'm just so…Jesus, I don't even know how I feel right now," came his soft voice, that seemed to be no more than the sound of a feather fluttering to the ground.

What could I do? I had never encountered a problem like this before. I had seen these sorts of situations talk through on television, but when you meet one head on and have no idea how to go about figuring it out, it's a real kick in the teeth.

In desperate need, I turned to the only other person that I thought could help. I ushered Joshua over, in which he skittered closer and sat next to me like it was the greatest privilege in the world.

"Um, Joshua, what do you think I should do?" I whispered into his ear and for the first time noticing the silver hoop earring hanging in his earlobe.

"Well, eventually his parents will notice when he doesn't come home, so the only thing we can do is call child services to get this figured out," Joshua explained. Ah, of course, what a great idea you creepy-eyed man with the groping problem! They would know exactly what to do!

"NO! You can't call them! Then my father will know I said something and he'll kill me!" Sen screeched, grabbing Joshua by the lapels of his jacket and shaking him, "You can't!"

My mouth gaped to respond to his ranting, but all fell silent when the door went crashing open and an irate Iwanaga Izuko stood in the threshold, his eyes instantaneously on Sen.

"Boy, whatever reason you have for skipping school and coming back here had better be good!" the man yelled. He trudged over and grabbed his son roughly by the arm and pulled him out of the chair.

"Now, wait just a damn minute!" I yelled, bolting from the chair, causing it to fall over. I would have continued my proclamation, but the boy's sorrowful gaze pleaded for me to keep my mouth shut.

And I did….

Sen struggled within his father's hold, trying desperately to ease the man off, but it didn't work, and I followed them out the door, watching as they left. Had I sent this boy away just now to be beaten again? Yes, I had, but it was his choice to go.

"Don't worry, Tenshi, Iwanaga knows that we know he beats Sen, so if he does it again, there will be no stopping us," said Joshua from his current location on my desk.

I nodded; he was right. If Izuko even attempted to hit that kid again, then I know I would hear about it.

That one thought will rest with me though; the notion of parents laying an abusive hand on their child just to hear them cry. It makes me sick, it really does. I had never been abused by anyone other than Vidoru, but he was a common thug, a stain on society, but some people out there did that sort of thing to their child!

I had promised myself everyday when I had seen new reports about dead children, that I would never allow my kids to be put through that. I know what people think, that because I share my life with a man, that I'll never have kids.

Well, to hell with them, because it's already figured out.

Even when the light knocking of my office door came to my attention, I still thought about Sen, hoping that he was okay. To make myself feel better, I'll call tonight and find out for sure.

Yes, that's what I'll do.

"Tenshi! Hello, are you passed out on your feet or something?" Kaia asked, smacking my forehead until I slapped her hand away. Today was not the day to piss me off!

"Woah, slapping a pregnant woman, that's not very nice, Ten!" she scolded. She was right! What was I thinking if I had harmed her or the baby!?

"I'm sorry!" I said, going down on my knees to hug her and the baby. Now, when I said I had this whole parent idea figured out, I wasn't kidding. You've heard of them, surrogate mothers for people who can't have children? Well, Kaia is doing the same thing for Li and I.

But please, I really don't want to get into detail about the whole thing. Let me just say that Li's the father and I'm the mother -_-;

"So Kaia, what are you doing here?" I asked, raising from my knees to tower over her. She sighed, either from sadness or irritation, I couldn't tell; maybe it was a mixture of the two.

"Tenshi, I need to talk to you about something very important, so could we go somewhere in private?" she asked, looking behind me to see Joshua sitting there.

I nodded and escorted her out of the room and closed the door behind me. We walked, well, I walked she waddled as much as her five month pregnancy allowed, and we stopped in the empty cafeteria in my workplace.

Kaia sat down with difficulty, cursing lightly at nothing and settled down. She turned her eyes to me and opened her mouth to begin her story.

~*End Chapter 2*~

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Sen: I can't believe you made me wear men's clothes! Fore shame!

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Sen: I know I'm hot; I don't need to be told!

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