Unexpected Revenge

Chapter Two

Libby screamed through the fabric and clutched at her capture, her dignity long forgotten. She wrapped her arms and her legs tightly around his body, holding on for dear life.

Her greatest fear was falling and here she was plummeting to the ground from sixteen stories up. And she fell fast. In seconds the ground was coming up too quickly for comfort and Libby was beyond panicking; she was already onto complete terror.

Wherever she looked was a complete blur, so she squeezed her eyes shut, out of both fear and just pure queasiness. The air rushed past her roughly and it felt like her brown hair was directly vertical above her as she continued to fall.

Suddenly the fall began to slow and Libby opened her eyes to gauge the situation. The leader's hand was clamped around what looked like a braking clamp. Libby began to feel some of the terror leave her body at the sight but a quick look at the ground, which was only a metre below her now, increased her fear. She felt they were still going too fast.

Libby shut her eyes again as the ground came closer and she suddenly felt the jarring impact in her feet and legs as they hit the ground. She was still clutching the leader but no longer out of fear but for stability. Even when she opened her eyes, Libby could have sworn that the ground was tilting.

However she never got the chance to fully regain her balance, because as soon as the leader was ready he unclipped himself from the line, her from him and started her walking.

The minute his hand gripped her arm, Libby's mind cleared and she began to look for possible escape routes. She noticed that she was now located at the back of the Technologies building. This was an area that was barely used. The ground was overgrown with wide-spread bracken and tall, matured trees blocked the view to the surrounding buildings. It gave off a sense of abandonment. Libby looked back to the building and was disappointed once more. She had forgotten that the back wall of the first floor was windowless. It had been designed like that because the room leading off from the wall housed the security detail for the Technologies Department.

The leader and Libby covered the ground to the trees quickly and followed by the twelve other members of the group that had scaled the ropes to join them. Libby tripped and stumbled as she was pushed hurriedly through the brush, but she remained silent, not showing her pain as the low growing bush scraped her legs.

Up ahead Libby could see the forest-like section thinning and the road could be seen. Libby's spirit soared as she spotted two vehicles parked on the curb. This may be her only chance to gain someone's attention. She just hoped that the owners of the vehicles were somewhere near by.

Libby continued to walk towards the road but the hand on her arm held her back. She came to a halt, squatting in the brush.

"Take off her vest," the leader ordered in a low whisper. "You," he pointed at one of the other men, "blindfold her."

The man moved towards her and suddenly she was devoid of sight. Instead she listened.

"Alright, take off your balaclavas and combat webbing. I want you four to surround Miss Banning from prying eyes and put her in the boot of the car. Then everyone is to split up into the car and van."

Libby felt her heart sink to, if possible, an even lower level. The car and van he was talking about, she understood now, were the two vehicles that were her last hope. She began to feel desperation setting in.

It was not long before she felt herself being lifted off the ground and directed onwards. As she walked it seemed as if her feet found every snag in the growth and every time she threatened to fall. However, she managed to stay upright and was soon on the gravel road. She walked a few paces before she was forcefully stopped. Libby heard the jingle of keys and a dull "pop" as the trunk of the car opened. She froze.

"Get in," a voice hissed in her ear.

Libby lifted her left leg and felt for the bumper. At first all she found was air but on her third try she felt solidness. With support from the men, Libby stepped into the boot and lowered herself into a foetal position.

With a thud the trunk door closed and Libby found herself trapped inside.

Brant watched as she stepped into the trunk of the car. He found himself hating her all the more for her seemingly "innocent" helplessness. The fear on her face appeared genuine and Brant took pleasure out of knowing it was there because of him.

However as much as Brant despised the lady before his eyes, he did not want to be her executioner. So the minute the boot was shut he climbed in the back of the blue Toyota Corolla and popped one of the seats forward a little, to let an ample amount of air in. Then he moved to the passenger side as two other men entered the car.