Here I am, bored again, listening to Depeche Mode. Enjoy.

Laura always enjoyed being in the car. She seemed to relax better when there was that still, distant movement coming from the world outside. She particularly enjoyed this car. It was James' car. She enjoyed this car because James was usually in it. She closed her eyes, dimming the occasional streetlights passed, the reflectors alongside the country road, and the lights on the dashboard.

There is a star in the sky

Guiding my way with its light

And in the glow of the moon

Know my deliverance will come soon

Her eyes cracked open, and she glanced out the window at the stunning country sky. It was like a black velvet canopy sprinkled with diamonds, made for a queen. Made for Laura. They twinkled and glimmered more and more as the streetlights became less frequent. What astounded her the most was remembering when she used to want so badly to fly up there and touch the sky and then realizing that it was the last thing she wanted to do, here and now, with James.

I'm waiting for the night to fall

I know that it will save us all

When everything's dark

Keeps us from the stark


I'm waiting for the night to fall

When everything is bearable

And there in the still

All that you feel

Is tranquility

She felt the warm feeling, not only physical, but emotional, triggered by the loving touch a human hand. She looked at James, who had taken it upon himself to fling Laura into an even deeper state of euphoria than that into which she had already cast herself. James smiled and then turned his attention back to the road. But that hand still held not only hers, but her entire spiritual being. All of it was in his hands.

There is a sound in the calm

Someone is coming to harm

I press my hands to my ears

It's easier here just to forget fear

A car approached from beyond. Its headlights lit James' face so that his features shown brilliantly in the glowing white light. He turned his head to Laura again, this time in alarm. She looked curiously at him, his nervous expression, his white knuckles before she looked ahead and saw that the headlights of the approaching car heading straight for theirs.

James slowed the car and tried desperately to avoid the oncoming vehicle. He saw his efforts in vain and turned his head once again to Laura, a look of hopelessness and sorrow spread across his face.

Laura didn't even have time to shed a tear before she saw the world outside the way it should never be seen: upside down. The sky flipped and revolved around them and Laura willingly drifted out of consciousness.

And when I squinted the world seemed rose-tinted

The angels appeared to descend

Laura's eyes were sewn shut by the prospect of, upon opening them, remembering why she was in so much pain. As they started to open again, she only subconsciously noticed the light coming and going at steady intervals. When they were all the way open, she separately noticed the revolving headlight on the road in front of them, painfully detached from its starting position. Pieces of rubber and metal were scattered here and there. And worst of all, they were all where they sky should have been.

To my surprise

With half-closed eyes

Things looked even better than when they were opened.

Laura sat a moment, in shock, and then looked over at James. Blood trickled down his face from somewhere above his hairline. A tear ran down her own cheek at the sight of him. As she lifted her hand to check his pulse, she realized that he still held it. She used the other hand instead, and, despite the painful protest by her body, reached over herself to check James' pulse. She prayed that she was simply a terrible nurse, and that he did indeed have one. She knew though, by the way the fibers in the car seat were glimmering in that revolving headlight, by the way the grass outside lay still as the night, and by the way his eyes were set on his face, that he didn't.

Been waiting for the night to fall

I knew that it would save us all

Now everything's dark

Keeps us from the stark


And his hand still held hers, still held all her spiritual being.