Hey guys! Here's an except from the up and coming Laurana's Quest 2: Questioning Order, especially for my returning customers... It's part of Chapter 2, so it will be about a week before anyone else gets to read it. And, in order to put into perspective, this is twenty five years after the last chapter of the first book...


Laurana headed out her back door, following the stone path through her garden. There, at the very back of her property, was her family's graveyard. The stones near the front were ancient, and, though well tended, were crumbling under time's mighty hand, some of the graves nearly five thousand years old. . . only going back six generations. Laurana knew many of the names, her grandparents, her great grandparents, but no further back. She came to the two freshest graves, her mothers, carved in crystal, "Janicia Spruce Willow", her day of birth, her day of death, and a crystalline dove perching on the top. Several feet behind it, and unmarked stone, simply marble. It was here that Laurana knelt and prayed for her human father, hoping that he had found peace in the after life.

On the grave grew night bloomers, flowers that looked like vines in the day, but transformed into gorgeous, purple, glowing flowers when the moonlight touched them. Laurana had planted them, to remind herself of her father, of how he had changed before her. He had, after all, raped her mother, had been a general for Inferna, the Queen of Darkness, perhaps killing hundreds. But he loved his children, Laurana, Nathanalas and their human sister Kenna. He had loved them enough to sacrifice himself to save Nathanalas, whom he barely knew.

"Father," Laurana whispered, touching her medallion of faith through her shirt, "may you be blessed with the knowledge Nathanalas, Kenna and I are all happy, that we at last have peace. Thank you, for everything you gave us. I pray you are at last at rest, that you have made peace with all whom you angered." She looked up at the sky, finding the Dove, Rizulutezza's constellation. "In your name, Rizulutezza, I pray he is at peace."

She stood, and started to head back, when she felt a presence, the power of black magic and of white. Her arcane magic whispered to her, coming alive. This was a dark robed who visited her. She started to reach for her dagger, only to remember she had come out in her fine slippers, not in her boots where she normally kept the dagger. She reached for her magic, ready to fling an incapacitating spell as soon as she knew where her visitor was.

"Don't fret so, Laurana," a voice said from the darkness. "You'll get wrinkles." The voice was that of a human male, smooth, confident, naggingly familiar.

"Show yourself."

"Tsk, Laurana. You don't even have a knife. I thought you knew better then that." The black cloaked figure emerged from the woods. He wore night black robes with golden trim, indicating that he was a mage. Her senses had been right. Something began to nag at her, deep in her mind. She felt her stomach drop as she stared at the hooded man, and then heat rushed to her face. She knew this human man. He had given her her first kiss, many years ago.

"You're dead," she whispered softly. "The link was severed. You died."

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