A tear slides down my cheek and I bring a hand up to touch its warmth. My lips tremble as I hear my footsteps, so far away, leading me out of the room.
People stream into the hallway, all students like me. We have so much in common yet we're so different, I think to myself.
My hair falls in front of my face, shiedling me from everyone. I let more tears escape from my sore eyes, so tired of crying. I clench my fists tightly and my steps direct me to my locker where I hope to hide forever.
Suddenly I feel a hand clutch my shoulder. Looking up, I see your soulful brown eyes searching mine with such a concerned gaze.

"What happened?" you ask, your deep voice trying to keep serious and calm.

"Nothing," I reply, attempting to shrug out of your strong never falter though, and try to read my mind.

"Naya," you protest, "don't lie to me."

"You wouldn't understand," I answer, turning my back on you and closing my can you know everything is wrong?

You grab my arm this t ime and push me against the wall. I know your intentions are kind and you do this only to help but it bothers me nevertheless. I have to free myself but you are weighing me down.

"Try me," you reply, a determined note in your voice. You place your arms on the cold stone, pinning me inches away from your body.

"No," I answer stubbornly, hiding my face from your view. "Just leave."

"I'm not going anywhere, Naya. And neither are you."

"James.." I moan, pushing your chest desperately. "You can't understand."

You lower your eyes and run a hand through your black hair, breathing softly. I wish I could tell you that I love your smile. That I love the way your arm sometimes brushes against mine, or the way you pronounce my name. I can't tell you all these things ,I only live in fear.

"Don't say that," you breathe. "Don't say that if it isn't true."

"Why would you even care?" I cry out in anguish. "Why would you care if I'm crying or angry or whatever it is I'm screaming about?"

"Because Naya,"you amswer, only softer this time. "You matter."

"Why?" I ask, sounding sadder than ever. Seeing your eyes, so warm and full of depth, look into mine, I leave them there to take in every last one of your details. It makes my insides shatter the longer I stare.

"There are so many things I can't tell you. Some in fear of you not being able to comprehend, others of you simply not feeling the same way." You pause, thikning you've said enough.

But I need more, I crave more.

"One thing I'm sure of," you continue, "is you. I know when I go to sleep that when I wake up I will still love your fingers," you say, touching them delicately. "I love the sound they make when they touch the white keys."

My body trembles but you have to continue. You're scared, I know you are. But I like you being scared because then I don't feel so foolish.

"I love the way your eyes look sad," you say, "even as you smile, as if you're always deep in thought about something that's breaking your heart."

My breath catches in my throat, absorbing every sound, every movement you make. Silence fills the air and keeps expanding until I speak first.

"I need somebody and always. This sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time."

"I miss you," you whisper and we both smile.

"The angel from my nightmare."

"Stop this pain tonight."

"Only you can do that," I tell you one last time.