Im back into the poetry writing business.. ive stopped like, last year coz
of certain personal reasons though.. but hey, at least I got over it, ryt?
So anywayz, here's a poem a made up last year before I stopped.. hope you
like it.. we made this thing for microeconomics actually so it might not
make that much sense because we had to use terms in that subject.

How you make me feel

The moment I set sight on you
I knew I'd fall in love
You were kind and friendly too
A gift from up above

Without you I cannot live a day
For I need you all the time
I want to be assured you'll stay
Even if you aren't mine

I don't care what the price may be
I'll be perfect just for you
I would give you all I have in me
And I'd give my whole heart too

Ever since some time ago
I knew this wasn't normal
I tried to say you're not the best
You just don't have an equal

You hear so many compliments
With pride, you carry your name
But even with all these good things
You've always stayed the same

The way I act around you
How absurd I must've been
I know it sounds so stupid
But is loving you a sin?

I know that I can't do anything
My feelings will have no change
I'll remain devoted to you
My love has an endless range

It's funny how in love I get
I know this time it's real
I just can't seem to find the way
To show you how I feel

like it? You know you do. haha, jke! Just review, ayt? Love all the kind
souls out there!