My first ever free-verse poem!

Out of Control

You sauntered into my life in an unexpected instant
Stood in pride with that mesmerizing guise of yours
Handsome eyes of sincerity, seemingly child-like innocence
I am drawn into further temptation but I refuse to lose
And so, the battle goes on.

Endeavored to play ignorant, closing all doors on affection
Still, it ceased not from knocking on a door I never thought existed
I was left unguarded, ensnared in some mystifying spell
For I have become vulnerable after all this time
I have caught a disease, which utterly had no cure.

An unpretentious smile gracing your lips brings me to quiver
As my heart throbs hysterically beneath my chest
And I start to fall, with nothing to grab onto but air
I keep fighting regardless of what appeared to be a likely defeat.
A frightening synthesis of emotions envelop me
Imprisoning me in this abyss I've fallen into without notice

I cannot believe what you alone were able to steal from me.
My precious heart, you pilfered from the bounds of my control.
Escape from these chains, I tried, I did what I could
Sadly, they proved to be too strong to break
Thus, I remain prisoner to this intense force of nature
After all, I have fallen in love.