A/N: A moment's thought. this essay is in no way wanting to persuade people or offend or anything, it is just a way I'm expressing my love for my religion. =)

The Religion I Follow: Islam

As I grow older, I actually began to wonder; what purpose is there that I was born as an Islam? As a Muslim? Was it because you were supposed to have a teaching, or because I was already, in a way, chosen as one of the many followers of the right path?

I remembered being just 3 and sitting on my father's lap while he was praying, not knowing at all what he was doing, and remembering the first time, when I was just around 4 or 5 years old, my 3rd sister taught me how to say Allah s.w.t. I couldn't say it right, and I had heard that word for countless times from my family. I even remembered myself asking my sister, what is that word? And she would say, our God, who had created us all, the greatest of all. Imagined she, knowing it already, at only 5.

I seriously had no idea of the teachings of Islam, sure, my parents thought me and my other 3 sisters and 3 brothers on the teachings of Islam, on the way we're suppose to live, on the "rules" of Islam (how do you say 'hukum' in English?), but they weren't exactly the kind of parents who made my sisters and I wear 'tudung' (or hijab, I think, is what its called in other words) since we were small and even when you don't like it, you know it's the right way, no, they were pretty much laid back, but of course, we're not to expose our skin and body parts that are really not meant to be shown, but we had our choices on when we're going to wear the 'tudung' and they never forced us (like some of the ones I heard), which I guess, are pretty lucky of us, but right now, as I am writing this, I'm still not ready yet to wear it; I mean, I want to wear it, but I'm just waiting for the right moment, for this feeling you just cannot deny that you are accepting a "calling".

Now, even at just a mere age of entering the teenage world, I really began to want to find out about my teachings, about this religion that had really, in a way, guide my life, through the goods and the bad. This religion had really shaped up my life.

I know there are some people who don't believe in God, but I really, really, do. I never doubt His existence for even a second. At times roads got harder to pass, I know it's a test from Him and that He would be there to guide me. When I pray, I try to pray with all my heart, giving it all to Him, (although I have to admit its kind of hard).

After I read a piece of essay from a writer here inside fictionpress, I thought I would like to write my own, because she seemed to be very giving to Islam, and be proud she is a Muslim, and I'm very happy to know that she feels that way (Alhamdulillah). After reading that, I thought I would express my feelings too, on just how proud I am too, to be born and raised as an Islam.

One day, I hope I'll be the best wife for my future husband following all the Islam rules. At times when I doubt that there'll be no one who would want me, I would remember what my sister used to say: it was the one that was already made for you by Him that would want to have you, to need you and to love you.

There are people who may not be the best human beings in the world, but I know some of them who still remembers Him, and thinks of Him and still know their responsibilities as an Islam. I hope there will be more like them, in whatever religion they are holding onto.

But most of all, I hope I could be the best Muslim that I can for Him. =)