Toss away something you can get
Reach for something you can't forget
To the side I've been tossed
Everyone thought I lost
But the pain and the sorrow
Help me reach the sunrise of tomorrow
Fear death you're mistaken
Do not and be forsaken
Pain embrace
Spit in death's face
Embody the sorrow
For you can not borrow
Any relief
From the belief
Of being better then you are
I've learned this and thus far
I'm one of the forlorn
And of the fire I'm born
Enjoy the pain
And you will gain
Ideas that have been lost from the sight of man
For the relinquished can find this plan
Hindering man is his belifes
Bringing along empty relives
For pain is life and it's what makes us alive
Endure the pain and leave the hive
The honey combed religions
Brain wash the legions
Of the daft
Weavers of lies and skilled at the craft
Pain and sorrow can bring pleasure when in mix
But empty are the men who hold up the crucifix