Dragon Sight

The dragon raised its mighty head
and stared into the eyes
of another hero soon to be dead
in attempt to take the prize

The dragon has lived for many years,
deep in this mountain fast
and ever since the dawn of man
fear has filled it's past

Every month, another knight
comes to take his throne
only to end up losing the fight
their graves marked by their bones.

The dragon sighs
The knight jumps back
a dance as old as time.
The hero's sword rings from it's sheath,
the balde, blessed holy, shines.

We all know how these stories end
the knight slaying the beast.
But why does the dragon act as we would?
Why can't it make peace?

Most people think dragons are tales
wrote up by folk like me
And a lot of them truly are;
why so many were downed by Georgi

But open your eyes, your hearts, your minds,
and let the fey spirits in.
Maybe now you'll look and see
The Dragon Soul within.