Do you know what you do?

Youths are cruel.

Tease and Taunt.

Hurt and Want.

You ignore someone,

Always leave them out.

Why do you do it?

What's it all about?

To amuse yourselves?

Take your mind off of the day by day?

What will you say?

What will you do at the end of the day?

Adults are the same.

Schoolyard grudges.

That cannot be forgotten.

Practice what you preach.

Learn what you teach.

We're all to blame.

When someone finally breaks.

When they've had all that they can take.

Will you be ashamed?

When they take their life.

Or yours or a friends.

Who will be the one to be condemned?

A life is not yours to take.

By guns and knives.

Or words and hate.

You were just having fun.

Open your eyes.

And see what you've done.


I don't know anyone who has been in something like this, but I have seen people teased to the point that they are miserable. Wake up people, in the long run the social status you have in high school means absolutely nothing, but those people will always remember how horrible it was for them.

And my spell check is nonexistent on this computer. I'll repost it spell checked later.