They say Cupid be blind And often points arrows in directions unseen And lovers know not of who they meet Falling in love with one another upon the street.

I saw you standing And you were but a friend But how was I to know my darling That in the end We'd be more than that.

She lay the pen down and pondered at the poem that she'd just written into her journal. A slight smile worked its way up onto her face, teasing the dimples out into the dim starlight.

She tipped her head back, letting the mass of auburn-black waves swing down her back. Her eyes shut, she stretched, letting a deep breath be expelled from worn out lungs.

Another night of school work and aimless daydreaming. She'd need to stop it soon. The examinations might be months away but judging from her preliminary results, she needed a lot of time to cover a lot of ground.

She sighed. She might as well take forever.

The computer beckoned her from the corner as she glanced at the clock. It was only nine-thirty. She went online but an hour ago, looking for material to print and read, talking and catching up with old schoolmates and occasionally, her boyfriend. But tonight the computer beckoned to her again. The slightly battered hand-me-down from her cousin, her companion through the dark lonely nights, that little (well. it was a little obsolete) machinery that housed her every plans of a little novelette.

She smiled and got up, settled herself in the swivel chair and turned the computer on. The black box whirred to life, the screen flickering to Window's start-up logo.

Perhaps she ought to start on her Physics project. The other members in her group would probably thank her, bow down to her in gratuity for being so prepared.

She double-clicked on the chat programme and surfed the net whilst it loaded. Perhaps she'd take a peek into the poetry community. See what shenanigans they would be up to. They never failed to cheer her up with their quirks and eccentricities.

She didn't usually respond to private messages. She didn't usually entertain strangers online. But tonight Fate decided to play a different tune upon her strings and this girl with the auburn-black hair sat transfixed as she found herself immersed and engaged in conversation with a strange person. A strange enchanting, intriguing and beguiling male.

Now who would call themselves Krackerjack?