Pretty Lily
You sitting over there and me.
Kicking and screaming in a war,
Between me, myself and my.
Aching, breaking open and bleeding heart.
We both know that we lied,
Blinded by the brash confusion that you see,
That honestly, you only see that white flower
And not quite seeing me.
Denial is your soulmate,
Her beauty is not my enemy,
Only the key to my sorrow,
And all you see is that fragile white flower.
White lilies,
The painful jab they deliver,
Tearing through the scabs,
And killing me once more.
You stare at her.
And once. she belonged to you.
But now, you are stuck with me.
IN my eyes, you see her gaze,
On my parched lips, you feel her kisses,
And in my soul, you search for her love.
A whiff of sweet perfume,
She smells like a good memory.
And I am but a nightmare to you.
I love him, not the way you do.
You threw him away.
But I do nothing, for you have his heart.
And all I can do.
Is wish, hope and pray,
That his undying wish for you,
His white flower,
Will one day wither away.
Fuck you, bitch. Heh heh.
Note: this is all untrue. Like the flying monkey you saw ten years ago that
tried to take over the world. Dedicated to Darren, who tried to run away
from his one true love, astrid. I know. celeste will never have you.
Goodbye,then children. Dedicated to anurak, tiffany and noqlek. Who are
indeed the same people through and through. Love you all.