A/N: My goodness. It has been forever since I last wrote, and I doubt very
much that this will lead onto anything else, for this, most likely, will be
the last thing I write. I don't plan on finishing my books. Sorry to all
you loyal readers, because now I am into drawing instead of writing, so you
can find me at ! BYE!
Gone Forever

Gone forever
I miss the sound of beauty
Echoing in my head
Forever is a waiting game
Never is a resounding shame
I hadn't thought never would be forever
I hadn't thought that together
Meant never
I never knew that hope meant hate
I never knew that pain meant strength
I always heard the shouts of anger
I've always denied words in my favor
I live a little
Pay a little
Relive a little
And die a little
Each day I wait
Each day is never
Forever I am
Never I must
I walk in loneliness
I wander in dark sorrow
Where no beauty sounds
Where never
And tomorrow.

E/N: There ya go you guys! The last thing I'm most likely to post. All good-
bye, and have your great writing experiences! I look forward to reading
them ~_^
Bunches of Luv and thank you to those of you who gave me bunches of
support, I hope to talk to you again some day.