As Shirley walked down the aisle, the train of her wedding dress following like a beautiful, white shadow, she shone a bright smile that lit up the entire chapel. As she approached Jack, the man she was vowing today to spend the rest of her life with, she'd never been prettier. He was the only man that could make her truly happy.
Jack, on the other hand, was donning a very mischievous smirk. She recognized this look; she always saw it when he had something up his sleeve, and she laughed in her mind when she realized it was probably something to do with tonight.

The vows were over, and the reception was being held at the fanciest, priciest hotel in the city. As Shirley and Jack shared their first dance as husband and wife, a question bugged Shirley.
"Jack, where in the world did you get the money for all this?" She whispered into his ear.
"I had it saved up, baby, and it's not like I make nothing." Jack was the executive producer of a large, local-based news station. He made a lot of money, but this wedding was exquisite. After he proposed, he revealed to her that he had a small fortune saved up for the wedding. Shirley shook her head, and let herself get lost in the moment. Jack sure was full of surprises.

"You've been cheating on me this entire time, haven't you!?" Shirley yelled as she hurled a vase. It just missed Jack's head, smashing on the wall right beside the bedroom's door frame where he stood.
He opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't find any words. They'd been married for two years, but he'd been cheating on her for much longer than that. "Baby..."
"Shut up!" She cut him off as she violently pulled a suitcase out of the closet. "By the way, your company called, so obviously you weren't working late tonight, and ohh, they found out about your little embezzlements. Your hearing in court is next Tuesday." Jack felt as if he were going to wet his pants. That's another thing he'd been doing longer than they'd been married, only this held more serious consequences. "Is that how you paid for the wedding? Is that how you got me this damn ring?" It was flung toward him as she mentioned it.
He could only stare at her as she messily shoved clothes and other belongings into the suitcase which was now on the bed which he'd shared with not just her.
When she finished, she snapped the suitcase shut, and picked up a pink bra that had been thrown on the floor earlier. Jack recognized it. It belonged to their neighbor, Trina. She was his latest fling.
"I was with Trina when she bought this." Shirley hissed. Suitcase in hand, she marched right by him, shoving the bra into his hands, "Guess you got careless." He listened to her footsteps trail down the stairs, heard the door slam, then the car started, and sped away. He had the slightest hunch she wasn't coming back.
A few hours later he found himself crying into a glass of scotch as he contemplated how he was going to handle everything. For all he knew, next week he could be in jail. Not to mention alone in the world. He was so deep in thought, the knock on the door startled him.
Getting a hold of himself, he answered the door. It was Shirley's brother, Steven, and he looked pissed off.
"You damn son of a bitch." He muttered, and raised the pistol in his right hand, aiming for Jack's head. Before Jack could do anything, there was a bang. Then nothing.

Chapter 1

Jack opened his eyes, but all he could see was darkness. He couldn't remember a thing ... except ... Shirley! Everything began to come back to him. The last thing he remembered was Steven firing the gun at him. There was a moment of intense pain, and then he woke up here. Where was he? He was sure Steven got him in the head, but then why wasn't he dead?
A startling realization came over Jack. It was exactly that. He was dead. He was in a coffin six feet under ground. Now that he thought about it, he could make out his body, but there was no feeling in it. His body was dead, yet his mind was conscious.
'So, this is all there is after death...' He thought to himself, 'Everyone is just doomed to spend eternity conscious, but unable to move or anything? As your body rots, you can only watch? This is going to be one long eternity.'
Just as he thought that, a light misty fog like figure began to appear above him. It turned into a young girl, about 17, Jack guessed, with long auburn hair and honey eyes.
Startled, Jack exclaimed "What the ... Where the hell did you come from?" He noticed he could hear himself speak, but his mouth did not move.
The girl smiled. She was extremely beautiful, "Give me your hand."
"I can't move my damn hand. I'm dead, if you haven't noticed. You're a pretty one, though. Wish I could feel my dick right about now."
Unphased by his lewd comment, she stayed patient, "You won't be feeling any of your flesh body anymore, but you can still raise your incorporeal hand. The sooner you do that, the sooner we'll be out of here."
"Incowhat now? Look, I don't know where you came from, but..."
"Jack..." She caught him by surprise by knowing his name, "If it helps you any, instead of reaching for my hand, you can reach for these." She carefully opened the black cloak which clung to her despite the vertical angle she was at, revealing the top of a white nightdress. It was lined with lace, and went down just low enough to expose a view of her more-than-modest sized breasts. Jack smiled his mischievous smile which Shirley had misperceived on their wedding day, and reached out with lust. He was watching her so intently, he didn't even realize when a slightly transparent version of his hand rose, leaving behind the solid, fleshier version of itself. He just reached for the gold...
And as he did so, the girl's own transparent hand caught his. The other one replacing her cloak to it's concealing nature as she winked at him playfully.
The smirk left his face, "What just ... how did I do that?"
"You're a ghost now, Jack."
"Who are you? How do you know my name? What the hell is all this?"
The ghost girl giggled, "Easy, one question at a time. Okay, I'm Faye. You could call me something of an advisor for you. That's all you need to know right now. You should remember dying - at least, the events leading up to it - because most of us do. You're a ghost now, and I'm here to show you how to be one."
"What do you mean, 'us'? I still don't get..."
But before he could finish, she tightened her grip on his hand and began to pull him upwards, "The first time is always the worst. Just relax, make yourself numb, and think about being light." Suddenly Jack was being pulled upward, right out of the grave in which the little caring family that remained had put him in. He was being pulled through solid ground without moving a molecule of it. It was one of the most unpleasant, yet exhilarating things he'd ever experienced, and as quickly as it had happened, Faye landed him above ground.
The light was blinding. His eyes had nearly adjusted to the blackness in the coffin, with help from Faye's radiating body, of course, and now it was like he was standing only a meter away from the sun, and staring directly into it. As his eyes adjusted, he recognized the cemetery which was not too far from his own house. The world as the one he'd left behind, only now the sights looked dulled, as if he were looking through some kind of fog. Somehow he knew this wasn't just a fog, nor his eyes clearing.
Faye was floating in the air, and he just then realized her feet were lost in the trailing vapor of the bottom of her nightdress. She smiled a serene, eerie smile, and in a haunting voice, whispered, "Welcome, to the realm of the dead."