Never Enough
Humid, soothing breeze dancing through my hair
Luminous sunshine rays bathing us in its balmy glow
Oh, that sweet fragrance frolicking in the air
Seems like nothing in this world could disrupt this flow
The perfect day
Facing me, that pink tongue glides along those mesmerizing lips
While his mouth is ajar and words he begins to utter,
His hand moves gracefully onto my hip
"I love you," he states, without a single stutter
He loves me?
Frenetically bolting throughout me are various emotions
Eyes downcast, because I know this will be tough
"You could cross a thousands oceans
But it still wouldn't be enough
Because when you met me, I was a lonely girl
Asphyxiating in unspoken grief
Been heartbroken too many times in this world"
His eyes bore into in disbelief
As I continue with the reveling
"I like the time we spend together and the times we screw
Unfortunately for you, I do have feelings
I could never trust you enough to be in love with you"