Weird for Music

The first thing I notice is the lovely packaging: bright and shiny with a touch of charm.

Then the vocals kick in. There is love in those words. Love of what? Do I care? I've been taught the deep voice is sexy. Whatever the meaning of the song, my body reacts the same way… I begin to dance to it, with it. God it feels good to be beautiful again! User/Used - the solidus blurs.

The soft guitar begins to serenade my heart: maybe this is a dated single because it feels cheap enough. I begin to truly enter the music, or more accurately the music enters me. The sweetness soothes the briefest moment of pain.

Thump! Thump! Bass notes start resonating through the room, emanating from behind my head. A private concert of two and still I can't look him in the eye. This is not a cheap catchy bass line; this is not a cheap late night film. Lies are easy compared to this truth.

A sudden change in the singing! Maybe this is a new singer - you seem tone deaf now - vulgar and breathless.

The same three chords are repeated, ad nauseam. The phrase ad nauseam is often repeated ad nauseam. I should be too enthralled in the music to think about that.

I guess you thought that was the entire song.

One day you might realise that, for me, this is just the chorus. Repeated, remembered, almost played to death and ultimately losing all meaning.

Maybe when I get married my sex life will stop feeling like a pop song.

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