In the dark I ran alone.
I was stuck in the maze.
Despite all I thought I had known
I was lost in the haze.

Blindly I sought the exit.
Darkness tried to take my mind.
I didn't have the strength to face it.
The shadow closed in from behind.

I knew I was being chased.
All my hope was gone.
I was stopped by the dead ends I faced.
How had my life gone so wrong?

I turned and saw it,
The worst of all my fears.
I stared into that endless pit
That had stolen so many tears.

My back was against the wall.
I cried out in despair.
He was the one who answered my call.
In my darkness He was there.

He opened the door for me.
The light shone on the other side.
I stepped beyond and I was free.
The darkness could not hide.

Released, my soul can soar.
I live my life by a new creed.
All it took was that open door.
Jesus is all I need.