It had begun as a normal morning, the wind howling across the deserted plains of the arctic tundra. I had been standing here, waiting for the sign for me to move on to the next location where I was to be part of a research group that specialized in genetic manipulation. I was to be among one of their first subjects and had volunteered for the project for it sounded to me like a way to get out of my current situation.

I had been convicted of breaking into a maximum security federal instruction, stealing classified papers, and selling them to the highest bidder, which wasn't entirely false, but it was enough for me to have to run to save myself from those that had been dispatched to eliminate me for my minor misdemeanor. I was told of a small society of researchers that hade been operating outside of the control of the government, a group that was especially known for their genetic splicing techniques and I wanted to be as hard to get as they could make me. The payment was simple enough, all I had to do was allow them to do whatever they chose to my body and by the time I got out of it, I would no longer even be recognizable as a normal human being.

I had heard of them from one of my friends, that is, he was one of my friends before he took that volley of shells in the back. He had managed to tell me that these people were on the verge of something that would change the face of humanity and that could be used to make someone like us completely unrecognizable to any form of identification. This greatly perked my curiosity and was the one thing that kept me running, another chance. I really didn't care what I came out looking like, but I didn't want to end up like the rest of the group I was with, mainly because "Dead" was not something that I thought I would look good in.

A small hover cart came rumbling over the tundra, leaving a cloud of snow swirling around its base. The man driving it was something out of the ordinary, for his ears were on the top of his head, not to mention that they were pointed and fury. The driver's hands had taken on the appearance of a cross between human's hands and the paws of a feline of some sorts, retractable claws and all. His body was a strange sight to behold for his ankles were no longer built like a normal humans were, but more like those of a dogs, the ball of his feet set firmly on the floor of the hover while his heels were all but imaginary. The slick coating of lucid orange striped fur that covered most of his body didn't help nor did the fact that his nose was now a little black button on the front of his protruding face. He stepped out of the hover and made his way towards me.

- I take it that you are going to be our new recruit?

- Don't believe that I have much choice in the matter do I. It's either you people, or I end up at the end of one the federals firing squads.

-Good to hear now get on the hover. We don't want to stay in one place for too long and the weather here tends to get nasty around mid day.

I climbed up the ancient looking loading ramp and took my seat next to the driver. I gave him one final look over and noticed that he was, as best as I could tell, a merger of one of the big cats and a somewhat stout trucker. I browsed over the items in the hover and found some of them to be quite unusual, but not as bizarre as my driver by far. It was pleasant ride though, despite the frigid conditions outside and the fur that was quite apparent on the vehicles upholstery.

-Would you mind telling me where we are going? At this rate we'll be on the Artic Ocean's coast in less than an hour.

-That's about half right. One of our outposts is on a thin shelf of land boarding the ocean. That's where you'll be getting off.

The trip continued along almost silently for about 45 minuets, snowdrifts sliding across the landscape as we passed. The sun still hadn't reached its zenith and its light made what little of the ground I could see look like rough glass. I turned my head and looked at my driver once more, wondering if I would end up looking like him after my visit. The hover banked hard over one of the drifts and came to a jerking halt, nearly tossing me into the dashboard. The driver looked over his pointed snout and promptly opened the door.

-This is your stop. I'd recommend that you get out before someone gets impatient with me, or there'll be hell to pay.

-You can't be serious? I don't see anything around here except more artic tundra.

-Afraid I am boy, but I need to get my sorry hide out of here before I get in trouble with the foundation again.

After he said that, the door snapped shut and he speed off into the distance, leaving me out in the snow with nothing more than my jacket and suitcase. I took this time to think over what I had just encountered, the man-beast that had been my driver for the short while it took to dump me into the middle of nowhere. I had started to doubt that I had taken the right course of action, considering that I was now standing outside in below freezing conditions, with little hope of anything happening.

-This is just great... First the federals chase me down and now I'm ditched out in the middle of a frozen wasteland. My day just keeps getting better.

The sun was nearly at its apex and my face was starting to go numb. I had slipped my hands under my armpits to attempt to keep them warm, considering that I had been waiting here for nearly an hour. I kept telling myself "It's going to get worse... I'm going to freeze to death out here" and I had nothing to prove the contrary of that. Nearly two hours had passed now and I had lost feeling in both of my feet and I could swear that I had an ice sickle hanging off of the tip of my nose. I just stood there, shivering madly, trying to keep myself aware enough so that I wouldn't fall over and attempt to sleep.

Time passed slowly, the drifts and the sun being the only things that I had to keep time by since my watch had frozen. I couldn't remember what I was doing out here any more, just that I had been dumped out into the tundra by something strange and, to me, new. My body had started to give out and I no longer cared, I was to the point where a simple bottle of vodka would have been my saving grace but all I wanted to do now was sleep. I had apparently set myself up to die out in the tundra, an unknown figure in a sea of ice. I allowed my body to lay itself down and I drifted off into a frantic sleep.

The dream I had was not an unpleasant one, but it was not one that I could call normal in even the most remote ways. I remembered being taken into a series of dark, cloudy tunnels that ran under the snow, with a small group of people that shared some similarities with my driver carrying me. They took me deeper and deeper, it felt as if I were being taken to the bottom of the ocean. Every time I tried to move my body failed to respond, I found this somewhat strange but not in the least bit frightening. Some amount of time passed down in the tunnels and we emerged in a grand room, the ceiling being one of the most elaborate pieces of glass work that I had ever seen and the people around me were now a mix of the mutations and some normal people just lounging around. It took my eyes a while to focus on some of the items in the room, most of them being fairly ordinary items such as lamps and tables along with some strange things in the distance. One oddity caught my attention for a moment; it was a small holding pen with what I assumed to be timber wolves in it. I smiled at them and tried to wave but my body still refused to cooperate with me.

One of the nurses, or what I assumed to be nurses bent over and took a good look at my face. I could smell her, and it was somewhat odd considering she smelled something like a wet dog. I noticed that she was one of these creatures as well as my eyes up her torso and to her face. The first and well, the only thing that struck me as being odd was that when she smiled she had a complete set of k9's for teeth instead of what would normally be there. She spoke to me and I don't think I could have ignored her soft voice if I tried.

-Rest up, we'll be taking care of you soon. I want to see this one through the procedure, just to make sure.

One of the others spoke up but I couldn't get a good view of them. His voice traced off into the dark places in my mind.

-Is that necessary Trixi, we all know that the procedure has been proven perfectly safe well over a thousand times by now. Don't tell me that you got one of your "Feelings" about this one as well?

-To be quite frank sir, this time it's more than a feeling. I don't know how to explain it, but I want to see this one through, even if it is only to make myself feel better once he finishes his transformation.

-Ok, if you say so Trixi. Do you have anything special you would like this one to be? I noticed that he was sniffing you earlier so that shortens the categories down significantly.

-I do sir, another wolf morph would be a delight, I mean, there are few of us as it stands currently and I don't see the harm in adding another into the society.

-Sure, we could use another tracker. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be taking my leave of you two.

She smiled at me again and pressed her cold, wet nose against my face, it was at that instant that the entire dream seemed to fade out but I didn't wake. A soft tingling sensation spread through my entire body, leaving me feeling as if I had just come home. I knew that I wasn't dead but I could not figure out where I was. After a few more moments everything had faded out, it was now warm and dark, not a care in the world.


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