From his vantage point on the bleek coastline he could just barley make out a series of terriable looking storm coulds rolling in to the bay. Their black underbellies were spitting out lightning and a wall of rain thick enough to make the see seem to boil underneath it's weight, thunder cracking the silence that had prevailed since nearly a week ago. He turned over his shoulder to look at the small child clasping tightly on to his leg, her feelings horriably apparent to what he could see through her mind. He felt the fear jostle her body every time a single clap of thunder rolled through the bay, each one getting gradually closer to the small sea side village at the botom of the coast. A bolt passed directly above them, filling the air with the smell of ozone and pushing them both to the ground as the terriable furry of thunder jostled the sorrunding area. He picked up the girl under his arm and ran towards the nearest building, the storm quickly approaching the bay, sending waves far outside of their range. He was thinking, remembering all the times that he once would watch the storms like this from inside of his cosy home, sitting on the Washington shore line, taking care of his own little girl, little Trixi.

He had come to this town as a last reprieve from the Americas, he was sick and tired of people trying to cure him of something that was part of his being, so he chose to run, run far away from the wretched people that had torn his family to ribbons and tried to kill him. He looked out towards the sea again, it would only be a matter of time before the sea line rose up to meet the sandbar that the villagers had tried so hard to errect after the last floods had destroyed their homes, leaving the entire town in ruins for many years. He knew that the little girl could not survive such a storm on her own, her heartbeat racing nearly as fast as his as he doged over rocks and small trees that had been felled by the wind. There was a horriable howling gale moving in to the bay just as he slammed the door of the log cabbin that he had built those ten long years ago.

The wind howled through every nock and cranny of the cabbin, its howl sarp as nails across a chockboard as the first part of the storm moved in to the bay, the rain. It started as a downpour but it began to gradually worsen, he could just manage to make out the breakers on the sea line as the rain slowly became a mobile sheet of water. He could hear the perpetual noise of hail starting to drop down on the roof of his house, the loud clanking noises that were always accompanied by raising waters. He felt little remorse for the town its self, but he did owe it to the little girl still hanging on to his leg to stay alive, to wade out another terrifying storm with her.

Another bolt of lightning struck, this time close enough to make the entire building rattle, lighting up the evening sky with an errie glow that would only last for a few seconds. The power in the cabbin died, leaving it up to the unsteady stream of lightning to allow him to see his way around the tiny buliding, looking for a flashlight, matches, anything that would allow him to make sure that everything would be allright. He stumbled, tripping over a chair that he had accidentally knocked over earlier in his search, landing squarly on his jaw where he was greeded by the forboding presence of water spreading across the floor. He pushed himself up quickly and felt his way along the walls, making it in to the kitchen and grabbing a lighter. The top flipped open and he ran his fingers harshly against the metal wheel, pressing his thumb down on to the button as a familiar blue flame light the way for him. He made his way back over to the little girl who had moved out of the living room and on to the bed, curled up in a ball and shaking horriably.

The bed had been a gift to him from the prior owners of the cabbin, a kind gesture from an old coupple that wanted to go somewhere warmer, calmer to live out their last few years together. The bed itself was a well preserved feather top mattress with fine silk patterns embroidered on to its soft surface. It was the last time anyone had heard from that old coupple and everyone in the town believed that they had died shortly after they set sail in to the last storm. They had been taking care of a small child back then, the little girl that he had accepted to take care of in their stead, to raise as he had hoped to raise Trixi but without the taint of having to see him suffer horriably at the wiles of the government. It had taken him nearly all of the past ten years to recover the strength that he had lost due to the supressents he had beeo forced to take back during his stead of captivity and there was no way he was going to let another soul see him grovell for mercy, not even his own childnern.

The hail was still pummeling the little house, golfball sized and as heavy as stone, collapsing some of the roofs on the older buindings in the town, only noticable by the distinct creaking snap that wood makes when it's overstressed. He knew that they wouldn't be able to stay in the cabbin for much longer if the water continued to rise but there wasn't much choice at the moment, it was either stay in the flooding house, or take their chances underneath the potentailly fatal hail still plummeting from the angry sky. He looked out of the window, his ligher nearly emptied of the small amount of butane that was in it to begin with and he could just make out the boiling sea as lightning struck it several times, sending up plumes of water vapor in to the sky around it. He walked back in to the kitchen, grabbing a candle and lighting it before the last fumes of gas escaped the lighter, casting a soft yellow reflectin against the nearly three inches of water that had crept throughout the cabbin. He turned his hardened blue eyes to the little girl sitting on the bed, allowing them to go soft when he saw her whimpering against the pillow. He sloshed through the water and took his seat at the end of the mattress, wraping one arm around her shoulder as he placed the candle down upon the pine dresser that he had used to store every last vistage of who he was.

- Do not worry little girl, the storm can't last forever and we have survived ones just as bad as this before.

He drug his hands through her soft blond hair, the static electricity gathered in it causing the strands to attach to his hand as he went through. She made a soft crooning noise as he conforted her, a sign that she would be ok and that the storm would eventually pass the cove and the town would live on. He looked outside of the window in the bed room, the lightning was still pelting the sea more often than it should, but that was to be expected here, the entire place seemed to be a magnet for people and fish alike, even though both knew that it could just as eaisly kill them as let them live. A single pear sized peice of hail smashed through one of the four window pains, sending glass trickling down in to the water below and causing the girl to fling her arms around his kenck for support. She was still frightened of the storms, ever since the last one nearly took her away, back in to the ocean from where the elders say all life began, but that was not his problem. He only wished to protect her, to make ammends for not being able to save his wife, or find out what happened to his daughter after his escape, but he was not going to leave her alone.

More hail found its way in through the window and the howling wind sucked at the eardrums of both the tattered man and the girl as they both huddled on the mattress, the water now a foot off of the floor but starting slowly to recede. Nearly three hours had passed since the storm first moved in and the damage it had inflicted was now where near as bad as he had expected it to be, but the village had been through rougher times he supposed, and everyone here seemed to have made amends with the water and the sky that appeared to want every living thing in it's path to depart this place.


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