No one would ever know
How your insecurities
Were eating you alive
And how you cried at night
It seemed with each new day
Another smile was wiped away
Off that precious face that we all
Grew to admire in such a way
That you were our worlds
You'd take the blade to your wrists
And we'd follow your example
You'd wrap a noose around your neck
And we too would hang from our ceiling fans
There was no limit on what we'd do in your name
No you weren't God, but you were
The closest thing some of us had
You were our shining star
When the moon refused to shine
That tiny tinge of hope that
Always greeted us with open arms
We could drive a knife through your back
And still you'd blame it upon yourself
Now you're gone and suddenly
The blank stares are all I'm greeted by
We've all become so numb
And each time your name is spoken
Uttered even in the softest pitch
There's a single moment
Where the crowd simultaneously
Holds their breaths and fight the tears
That are so abounding for those of us
Who had grown so close to you.
When you can do this sort of damage
Equivalent to a hurricane
Tearing through a small village
With good intentions all along
That my dear is when you know.
You truly are something amazing.