Encore Une Fois
by Chione

Two figures stood apart in the snow, watching the other with a knowing gaze. Flurries danced and swirling about the park, but neither paid any mind. The woman dressed for the cold, and the man was used to it.

He softened his eyes, a rare and unusual sight, their amber gaze warm and comforting. His hair was speckled with tiny white flakes, a stark contrast to his dark curls that brushed against his neck and forehead, nearly hiding his ears entirely. The man wasn't overly tall, an average height, only six feet. High cheekbones and a determined jaw gave him dignity, a nose slightly crooked from a break years before. Loose, baggy jeans protected his legs from the winter weather, and a long, draping trench coat kept out the cold. He never took his eyes from the

Head reaching only to his shoulder, the woman stood with a proud and stubborn stance. Her eyes lit upon his form and their emerald depths showed a smile her face would not. Twisting about in the wind, her brown tresses remained unbound, dotted with flecks of snow. She wore a thick layer of sweatshirts and a wool peacoat, for she hated the cold above all else.

For hours, or minutes, or only seconds the two stared, unabashed, at the other. A familiar sight they never tired of. Raising his hand toward her, he allowed a small grin, the light in his eyes coming alive once more. His voice carried across the landscape in the muted winter afternoon.

Salut, chérie, encore une fois.

Okay, this is just a short, obvious, piece about the two soulmates in my poems. Their reunion in one of their many lives. Review, pretty please, with a cherry on top. I live for reviews. And if I get them, I'll write more about Anastasia and Jakob de Serein.

Salut- hello, it's an informal verson as opposed to Bonjour which more literally translates to good day.

chérie- dear, darling, etc. It's Jake's pet name for Ana, in every life. He's french, so that's why.

encore une fois- again or one more time, for another time. This hints at the whole reincarnation thing.

(croire means believe, in this context.)