Close the door,
Don't hide behind it anymore,
It's not safe for us there,
But we don't have to despair,
There is another place to go,
Beside the places that we know,
While I beg for the sun to shine,
And for another person to define,
What you really meant to me,
And what I wanted you to see,
Other than the darkness of the night,
And the glaring bursts of light,
Because they never seem to fade,
And although I am so afraid,
Of the things that to me are hidden,
And my past that is never forgiven.

Close your eyes,
As night announces day's demise,
And time stops turning just for you,
Painting the sky with each tone and hue,
And as all the shadows drift ahead,
Darkness they'll stir with malice made,
From hurt and hate and all the pain,
It stabs my wounds again and again,
But someway, somehow, dawn is here,
My heart lightens from every tear,
The gnarled bark of trees seem to smile,
And the voice inside, for all this while,
Is whispering what I need to do,
That I can't let the dread pass me through,
As there is nothing that can compare,
To your company here and everywhere.

Close my heart,
Before anyone tears it apart,
I'll stand here, where it's secure,
As though nothing happened before,
Nothing had torn me into shreds,
No one had scarred me beyond any aids,
Here as I watch the winter's wake,
Slowly I feel the splinters break,
And watch as they circle in the dusty morn,
Suddenly I ache with cold so forlorn,
Lands here are always covered with frost,
I am a wanderer; helpless and lost,
Trying my luck in the games we play,
Always hoping for a better day,
One where the rivers shall flow clear,
And when you and I do not feel fear.

So what is fear, but my desire?
To reach out to someone in the fire,
To find everything that hides my path,
To stop the believers of anger and wrath,
But which door should I close?
Lest I forget my troubled woes,
But as long as you stand beside me,
Through every day for eternity,
There is nothing that they can say,
To ever make me fade away.

Close me,
And let me see,
What I can be,
In reality,
Just let me be,