Playing The Parts

i play my parts
So well
You realize
I'm not acting,
I'm real

The hopeless romantic
Thinking romance is still alive
In a world where lust and sex
Run rampant as the new plague.

Posterboy for the lost cause
One notch about the rest
Who will always remain
In the dark room
That should have been filled
With the radiance of love

The desparate little boy
Who cries every night
Praying that God will send
A real angel this time
Not archangels in disguise

The suicide king
selling you a way out
when you knew the answer
was already in sight.

The emotions,
They flow and flow
Making me more believeable

A/N: For one, i do not cry every night, i thought it would be a good emotional touch. And women sometimes seem to be like angels to me, till they rip my heart out.