It was a warm night and the blankets, being heavy for winter, were too warm to sleep in.

I silently crept down the halls in the large palace. Sometimes they felt like jail walls, enclosing a free angel. For some reason I made my way into the dungeons. Perhaps it's because they would cool the heat I felt now. As I enter I find it's colder then I bargained for. Shuddering, I walk down the hall and look at empty cells.

I get to one cell and hear light breathing, although it's light my sensitive ears pick it up. Out of curiosity I follow the sound to find a demon in the farthest cell.

He looked about my age with jet- black hair, with red bangs and tips, with nothing on but a cloth around his lower region. He was asleep on a bed of hay. It was sad watching an equal in a lower room then I.

I bent down slowly as to not wake the sleeping demon. I sighed in disappointment; I didn't have the key.

Apparently my small disturbance was enough to arouse him out of sleep. I held my breath waiting to see what the demon would do.

What he did surprised me by most.

Without warning I was in his cell and my lips were crushed against his roughened and chapped ones. Not used to the harsh feeling of the other's lips to my soft and fair ones I felt discomfort and tried to pull away. My efforts were in vain for he held me in place. He finally pulled away, but did not loosen his tight grip on my arm.

His eyes held a glint of lust. I gulped nervously and let my eyes fall on the floor. He tipped my chin up, and I faced him again. After a long silence he spoke.

"You're beautiful. You know, I could rape you here now. But I won't, someone as beautiful as you should keep their innocence as long as possible," he leaned in, "Besides, I wouldn't want to ruin you long, golden, locks with blood."

He smirked and let my arm go. I jerked away and stood up quickly.


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