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My voice stumbled and was shaky as I spoke.

"Can you please get me out of here?"

He shook his head. "No, if I could I would've been gone a long time ago," he gestured around himself at the cell walls, "This cell has been cursed upon. No magic is allowed to escape here. Since I am a demon with mage blood, I can't free you or myself."

"Then how did I enter?" I was confused. I didn't posses magical power; I was as plain as the palace guards were.

"Simple. Magic can't escape, but it can enter."

"I." I was at a loss for words at his explanation. I sunk into the floor with defeat. Might as well make small talk though. I was wondering why he was here in the first place though. I turned my head to him.

"Why are you here?"

"Why? No one's asked me that before. I don't know myself." He shook his head and had a playful smile upon his lips. "I could tell you. If you promise to do something for me."

I gulped. "It depends. I don't have to listen you know."

The demon settled himself beside me and I tried hard not to move away, but I was polite and didn't stir or flinch. "Kiss me again."

My eyes bugged. "What?" I blushed and glared at the ground. "Why would you want me to do that? You've already kissed me before."

"So, you want me to go with the other idea I had?" He moved closer, so close I could feel his breath on my neck.

"No." I shook my head nervously. "I."

"You'll what?"

"I do it. I'll kiss you."

He looked a bit taken back, but none the less happy. He wasn't at all rough like he had been last time. He put his hand around my waist gently and pulled me closer to him so he could get to my mouth a little easier. I didn't protest he was actually good at this. I didn't notice the chap-ness of lips this time. He probed my mouth open and I did nothing to stop it, I was so caught up in the moment. His tongue ran over my mouth, searching for something. I moved my tongue into his mouth and he tasted like dust. I abruptly coughed at the sensation and we parted instantly.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment when we both got to our sitting positions again.

"I'm sorry. You. Just tasted like dust and it made me cough." I looked at my feet, anywhere but at his face. "It's okay. I've been in here so long without much to eat I'm not surprised that it did taste that way." He frowned a little and looked at me. "Do you want me to tell you the story or not?"

"Yes." I still didn't look at him.

I heard him sigh with that of someone who has seen too many things that he does not want to remember, but for my sake is willing to tell. "Here it goes."

I was entranced by the very first sentence. I didn't realize that the demon had had it that badly.

"It started with the Great War. There were so many prisoners, many, like me, had not done anything. We did not even engage in the battle. I was against it. My sister was an angel and I did not want to hurt that of my sibling's kind. But they drug me out because I had the use magic and fire. My kin threatened to kill my sister, who they had hostage. My killing spree was out of love for my sister. I didn't want to hurt anyone, but what choice did I have? I had no other family or anybody else who loved me for who I was." I saw his eyes grow cold and my heart wrenched with pain.

"Did they let your sister go?"

His voice was harsh. "No. They were heartless bastards. They didn't care for my well being or my sister's. And when I was mourning for my beloved sibling and only family the angles came and chained me up." He shook the chains that bound his feet, I had not noticed that they were there before. He laughed half- heartily. It was one that was not there and was used to cover up his sadness. I felt the urge to put my hands around him and comfort this demon so wrongly caged.

And I did just that.


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