How can I miss,
Something I've never had
Never wanted
Never connected to,
With no hopes to be daunted.
Why do I feel pushed,
Forced down a packed highway,
With blind guards
A neck cast
Timed steps measured in yards.
What am I being blinded from,
But I must keep the traffic flowing,
Can't see the cages
Stare straight and go,
Just follow the afterimages
Where does the road taper
Blazoned with the images
Yes, I know,
I don't, I can't,
If I know, can't you see I'll never go?
Who are moving all around me,
You see where you're going and you stop,
I must keep walking
You are shoved
I suppose that's why we've stopped talking
Can I stand being held by the unknown,
But never be able to touch it
To lose my self,
Can't lose my self,
And I can't stand that any more.
Will I stand when they've moved on,
They keep following the afterimages,
Forward I am thrown,
And I can't miss,
What I've never known