Dazzling colors surround me

showing their true forms

as they morph into true dreams.

As if they were former hearts

hiding behind trillions of acheing bones.

Who knew they're sagging love

could crush such beautiful skin.

How sad I loved them so

that I couldn't sow it all

back together.

Knitting it all

into a lovely red

beating heart

that was once my own.

Sad it all ends

just as it reflects everything,

so simply.

Letting life

make all my senses

tingle with envy

begging not only

to see them

but to swim

in their very ecstasy.

How love pulls away

just when its reflection

is so hypnotic.

Showing true forms

swimming to their desires

glowing a hidden warmth

thats a mix of truths and lies.

Having both of those

tastes so bitter

on my burning tongue.

Longing only for a kiss

never tasted so terrible.

Now all of those golden dreams

have turned their eyes

so far away from me.

Its not so dazzling anymore

once you've taken your heart out

to dry in the morning sun.

And your just lazing away

letting yourself die there.

Not so pretty lord,

not so pretty at all.