It's weird how a summer can change you. Some say, never let go of friends, no matter how insignificant they become, you never know when you might need them. Some were right. Although, we never listened. We all quit in Junior High, as I think back on it, I still don't know how we parted our ways. We were inseparable, the trio times two, us misfits, but yet, we all fit. There was Peter, the spunky, full of life rebel, whom I blame for the split. There's Carrie, the brilliant fiery redhead. Delilah, the unrealistic beauty, Kent, the one who never talked, Jeri, the crazy tomboy, and me, perfect. What brought us back was yet a miracle in its tragic ways. Maybe it's what we needed to bring us to ourselves, to remember who we truly were. I like to think of this summer as the starting of new life for us all, not the end.