Chapter one- Arrival of the Beginning

Carrie pulled out 5 sheets of paper, and prepared to write. She couldn't figure out how she'd say it. How could she tell her 5 best friends, wait. Her four friends that she hadn't talked to in 2 years. The friends she dreamed of, and smiled to memories daily. The ones that had made her childhood memorable. The friends you remember for the rest of your life, that she was dying. Maybe this wasn't supposed to be it. Maybe she shouldn't tell them. What if this brought up things in the past. What if you should just settle with the end, and leave it. But, she couldn't. Not without having the last word. On each paper she wrote their names in bright bold letters. Kent, Delilah, Jeri, Quinn, and Peter, writing the same message on all: Be in our spot, at midnight tonight. Don't be late. Carefully, she neatly folded each letter and set them on her bed, looking at each one separately, and in a different way. She took the one addressed to Peter and clutched it at her heart. A tear rolled down her face, and she placed it in the trash.

"Kent, honey! Mail!" Mrs. Nash belted up the stairs. "Who would send me mail?" thought Kent. He slowly made his way down the steps, placing his foot gently on each carpeted step, as if it were a pillow. Five minutes later, he walked into the kitchen taking the letter slowly into his hands. He looked at it as if it were a piece of treasure. Carefully, he unfolded it, and read it to himself. Be in our spot, at midnight tonight. Don't be late. Kent did a double take at the messy slanted writing. That was Carrie's handwriting. He hadn't seen Carrie for months, and hadn't had the pleasure of speaking with her in almost two years. Something was wrong. Nobody had conversed since their last fight. Everyone had held a grudge since then, and hadn't spoken with anyone. Although, Kent rarely spoke to anyone anyway. Memories flooded Kent's brain and settled there, smiling to himself, he realized this could be it.

"Master Quinn, sir, you have mail." Quinn looked up from his video game. "Give it here." His voice cracked from screaming at the giant screened television set. The butler, instead of carefully placing it into his hands, tossed it violently across to Quinn. He was used to this behavior for years now. Although, he had brought it upon himself. Grabbing the letter from mid-air, he opened it so fiercely that he tore off a piece of it. He put the pieces back together and read: Be in our spot, at midnight tonight. Don't be late. Quinn read the letter once more and laughed stupidly. He crumpled it up and threw it at the TV screen and continued blasting people's heads off.

2 more steps. 2 more steps. 2 more steps. Jeri kept saying to herself. She was less than a mile away. She pushed her legs faster and faster, picking up speed as she ran up the hill. Her calves ached from exhaustion. 2 more steps. 2 more steps. 2 more steps. She spotted a cul-de-sac and raced toward it. Three times around, and she headed toward a hill. From the top of the hill she shouted, "Define 'exhilaration'." "Yes, sir," she responded back to her own statement. " Blood, sweat, and tears sir! Verge of exhaustion, brink of death!" This wasn't odd for Jeri either. This was her normal morning activity, although, it varied between her own two feet, rollerblading, or her bike. She ran faster, pushing herself toward her house. She always hated this moment. The end to the high-speed morning. As she neared closer to her home, she noticed a paper wedged into the mailbox. She hurried over, and picked it up, still jogging in place. She opened it carefully, and saw something she'd thought she'd never see again. Her feet quit moving as she stood in complete shock seeing Carrie's writing: Be in our spot, at midnight tonight. Don't be late. If she had been a sensitive person, you would've thought the drop of clear liquid running down her face could've been a tear, but if you knew her, you'd know it was just a bead of sweat.

Delilah twisted her white blond hair with delight as she read swept across the elegant red carpet in search of the bride to be. He couldn't let his dear Penelope get married to the wretched Jorge. Almost instantly he spotted her, about to make the biggest mistake of her life. The minister was about to say the deciding words "Do you, Penelope Smith take this."At that instant Rico screamed, "I-. Delilah looked up from her book all red and flustered hearing footsteps coming near her. She instantly recognized the vibrant red hair. She jumped off her swing, and went to greet her. "Carrie?" Carrie smiled in delight listening to her voice. A smile spread across her face. "Yeah," she replied, handing her the perfectly folded letter, "here." Delilah took it carefully. Knowing good and well Delilah wouldn't read it, with her standing there, she left. Delilah grasped the letter in her long pale fingers and waited until Carrie was out of sight. She opened the letter and read, Be in our spot, at midnight tonight, Don't be late. Delilah smiled sadly, shook her head, a picked up her novel and twisted her hair again.

The sight was beautiful. It hadn't changed since the last time he saw it, which was oh, about a week ago. He knew none of the others had seen this place since their last meeting. It was a quaint little spot. It was just a tiny pond, and a concrete spillway that led out. There was a bridge that went across it, a perfect setting for the newlywed couple, if they liked that nature sort of thing. Kent looked around taking the scene in, and placing his ghostlike companions where he remembered them.