Heaven vs. Hell

Part I

The Before Part

It was a windy day as Tom Tracey, Chris Mueller, Stephen Pasdiora, Jon Tracey, Brandon DiPaolo, Rob Meier, and Mike Atkins walked into the mall, heading towards 'Circuit City' to look at what they could buy with one who years worth of allowance and paychecks.

Suddenly, Jon got a severe headache, and fell to the ground clutching his head. He started to hear things as if it were there- "Battle...Heaven...fight...recruit...seven...tell them"

Jon finally got up, "What happened?" Tom, his brother asked in a 'freaked out' voice, "that was weird."

"There will be a battle soon," Jon said, "we've been recruited, we're God's warriors now."

"What do you mean," Rob asked, "who's fighting."

"Up and down," Jon replied, "you know, we're on God's side, tonight is the rapture, and in seven years, we fight, seven years to prep for the biggest battle ever, and if we don't win, everything is gone, and the South rules, be sure to have accepted Jesus as your savior and meet in my yard at 11:00 tonight."

"But why didn't anyone else here get recruited?" Stephen asked.

"Because the recruiting will be in Heaven, but we have something to do first," Jon replied.

"You heard this all in those few seconds?" Mike asked.

"No," Jon replied, "God implied it."

That night, they all met in Tom and Jon's backyard, there was a strange light above them, they all knew what, or should I say who it was.

"Form a circle and concentrate," Jon stated, "Tom, Chris, Stephen, Me, Brandon, Rob, Mike." As soon as they all concentrated, something happened, they became special with special powers, and they knew their powers.

Tom Tracey became Black Warrior, the night fighter with his scimitar called "Blackmist". Chris Mueller became Red Fighter, the fire warrior. Stephen Pasdiora became White Jabber, the ice fighter. Jon Tracey became W.R.K. the ice and fire mixed to make the wind fighter with the sword called "Iceflame", and psychical powers. Brandon DiPaolo became Blue Ninja, the water warrior. Rob Meier became Green Falcon, the acid warrior. Mike Atkins became Gray Winner the psychic powered normal fighting fighter.

The Millennium Ninjas tested out their new found powers until exactly midnight when they disappeared right out of their clothes.