Heaven vs. Hell

Part II

Training in Heaven

Suddenly, they all felt a warmth, like all of their best memories were coming back and

felt completely peaceful. They were in heaven, literally.

They stood in front of the gate, and finally entered, where they were greeted by him, the savior himself, Jesus stood before them and they felt the awesome presence.

"Welcome," Jesus said, his voice was amazing, it was like no matter how bad you felt, it would make you feel better.

The Millennium Ninja's jaws dropped.

"We have seven years to train to fight Lucifer," Jesus said, picking up five swords, one red, one white, one blue, one green, and one gray, "I know you Black Warrior and W.R.K. have swords."

"Yes," W.R.K. replied, "Iceflame." Suddenly a red and white sword appeared in front of him, and he took it.

"Blackmist," Black Warrior said, and a black sword appeared in front of him, he picked that up.

"Practice with the swords, seven years isn't as short as you think," Jesus said smiling, "you do realize if you die, you go into nothingness until we win, right?"

"Yes, but that's a risk we're willing to take," Black Warrior replied.

"You know, you may change back, I know you left like that," Jesus said.

The Millennium Ninjas changed back into Tom, Chris, Stephen, Jon, Brandon, Rob, and Mike.

"So what can we do here?" Rob asked.

"Anything you want," Jesus replied, "that's what heaven is."

Jon looked into the distance and saw volleyball, and headed toward it, so did Tom. Chris went to a big food court where there was everything and it was all free, so did everyone else(besides Tom and Jon).

It was several hours later, they noticed it was never dark, and no one ever got tired, because nobody wanted to waste time on sleep.

Then after getting tired of doing that stuff, they turned into Millennium Ninjas and practiced with the swords, and before they knew it, it was seven years.