by Seth Turtle

Red clouds, black skies / burning stars, devoid of compassion

The world turns, on itself / seeking rebirth in the flames of Time

To ashes go the children / from ashes come their dreams of a better Thee

The procession continues / into eternity, in search of the final Thee

A Thee beyond eternity / beyond Time, beyond all prior Thees

From this Thee / the first dream comes of the Thees left behind

Our greatest Thee / it will be the last Thee and the first dreamer

The dream of forever / encircling like a hawk in search of its prey

The prey of dreams / of Thees before and after, is not defined

Undefined and untold / yet buried within that which transcends the dream

Within consciousness / Thee finds purpose and the need to fulfill

To what end / do dreams and purpose drive Thee to Thee

To the only end / the final Thee that Is and gives Is to all Thees

All exists around Thee / because Is does

Such is the dream of forever / a dream that begins and ends in Thee