You know how people talk about
How you won't miss it 'til it's gone
But I know I always loved him
And I know that they were wrong

I think about him in my dreams
And my heart won't cease to ache
I dream of he and I together
And the memories that we'd make
And I know I'd give up everything, if only for his sake
I dream of his bright, smiling face
And I cry myself awake

I can't bear to go back in his room
But I do it anyway
And I'm always overwhelmed with hope
That sometime perhaps I may
Find him sitting on the floor, happily at play
And everything's still as it was
And he never left that day

But all that's there's a teddy bear
Looking out the window to the sky
As if he knows his boy is gone
And he's contemplating why
And I am most captivated by his dark unblinking eyes
He's staring, shocked, straight forward
And he looks too sad to cry

I see tin soldiers on the floor
Where he saw a battlefield
Little heroes clad in iron
Brandish rock-hard shields
Faces of determination, as bravely swords they wield
And it's no wonder such imagination
Could not be kept concealed

Little motor-powered trains
Have fallen off the tracks
The wheels are stiff, unmoving
The headlights have gone black
There they look so out of place, for of his hands they are in lack
I'm trying to forget it all
'Cause now I can't look back

Life's focus is upon this room
And now be let alone it must
Pictures of his life remembered
To this my mind I now entrust
Toy trains will be quite undisturbed, tin soldiers all will rust
And the teddy bear's still sitting there
All memories collecting dust